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  • tyrone_jones1st tyrone_jones1st May 17, 2011 10:07 AM Flag


    Bubba: I don't care what you think and I certainly don't care what you say and quite honestly I don't care where you live, you racist Honky.

    As for name calling: You started that little game when you referred to posters who criticize management as "Trolls" a couple of weeks ago and you referrd to me specifically as a "Troll" in you post last night. Now I know what you are - You are a self-described "Bubba". I thought this was simply a nickname, but apparently it has a different meaning in the South. So tell me, what is a Bubba and what's the difference between a Bubba and a Redneck. We don't have them in the Northeast.

    Lost the argument? I wasn't in an argument, I was just expressing my views which I have every right to do.

    Sell BBT? Why should I do that? It's a good company that currently has bad management. This situation can and eventually will change over time. I am a long-term investor and as such I keep the the following quote from Warren Buffett on my office wall: "You should invest in a business that even a fool can run, because someday a fool will."

    By the way, did you take a look at BB&T's Total Return to Shareholders since KK became CEO? If don't know how to calculate this, let me know and I will help you.

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