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  • bonniemacsdad bonniemacsdad Apr 28, 2011 6:24 PM Flag


    So why would management want to keep the stock depressed if it's thinking of doing a deal with RBC when RBC has said thay are looking at a sale not in cash but stock. Seams to me thay'd want to have the share price inflated, but I'm not real savvy in these matters. Thoughts?

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    • I had tj on ignore - - but after several references were made re comments of his - - I pulled him off IGGY - - Needless to say, I was right the first time. BACK TO IGGYVILLE and obscurity tj!!!!!!! I won't miss you.

    • Glad to see you have the time to read my profile but, since I don't have time to read your idiocy, I'll be putting you on ignore.

    • Norm: I wasn't referring to you specifically but I realize that you do consider the BB&T Board your personal property. Who died and put you in charge?

      Posters on the Board really should ignore your incessant blabbering about loan losses and problem credits as if that is only thing that drives stock price.

      However, I am not going to "recommend to investors" that they ignore your posts. Everyone has the right to read anything they desire in this country.

      I have discovered from reading this Board the past few months that the posters are generally not serious investors if they are investors at all. My sense is that many, if not most, are BB&T employees or have close friends or relatives that are BB&T employees. My guess is most are from North Carolina and many are from the Winston-Salem area or the eastern part of the state. I think you probably reside in Winston-Salem or a nearby town and you may work in an administrative function at BB&T in Winston-Salem. I base this on your attendance at the recent shareholders' meeting (I mean who would travel more than a few miles to watch KK cough and talk) and your seemingly endless knowledge of the boring details of BB&T's loan portfolios (maybe loan administration).

      You probably will not hear from again Norm, at least until your next post. By the way, you are free to ignore me.

      Oh, I almost forgot, thanks for proving my point about intelligence.

    • "Intelligence is such a scarce commodity on this board it is nice to hear from someone who has it."

      I recommend that investors place tj1 on ignore.

    • tdj352:

      Well said.

      Nice post.

      Intelligence is such a scarce commodity on this board it is nice to hear from someone who has it.

    • dm5t9ac:

      Davie, does you mother know you are using your computer past your bedtime?

      The only image I have of you is the one you provided on your profile page.

    • I won't go into the image I have of you but let's just say it's not flattering. But, for the same reason as your image of me is so far off target as to be laughable, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just say you should read a bit of Emily Post.

    • dm5t9ac:

      Never mind. I see that you are David M. from Virginia, you are 52 years old and you like to play fantasy football (in fact you won the league championship - congratulations)and particpated in the Yahoo Sports College Basketball Tournament pick'em. You are now connected with Walter (I guess congratulations are in order). I notice that you are a user of GoComics where you can build your own comics website if you like.

      I was really impressed with your profile photo. Is that from Dungeons and Dragons? I really don't know much about these things, but I have heard the name, probably from one of my grandchildren or great-grandchildren.

      You know David, I am getting this image of someone who lives in his Parent's home, probably in the same bedroom he has inhabited since a child, who spends many hours behind a locked door staring at his computer screen.

      I hope I am wrong.

    • What's you screen name?

    • You know what Inlet (Bubba), you are right, you can only play the hand you are dealt. You should do what you do and I'll continue to do what I do. I choose not to trade because, frankly, the opportunity for significant profit just isn't there unless you are trading on inside information. Frankly a buck or two per share is not interesting to me. I do not recall ever having given you any advice about what you should do with your BB&T shares so don't give me anymore of your sage advice, I don't need it. I will tell you this though, if you don't want to be rich you will always be poor and if you are not willing to push and shove your way inside you will always be outside. I don't know why I am telling you this, you are too old to change.

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