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  • ayscuew ayscuew Jun 23, 2011 6:10 PM Flag

    Old trader.

    I go back to the days of boat and coach. Owned a ton of bbt and did okay. In those days the dividend was about $1.79 and I wrote covered calls. Want to buy again but the news locally is not good. Scares me that Kelly might be buying again. He is not doing a good job with what he has. I bank with BB&t and would really like to find a reason to buy the stock.
    Would like to hear from coach or boat.

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    • I can think of no good reason to buy BBT at this time (even as a trade).

      1) financials are toxic IMO until we know more details about the Dodd/Franks regulations and how they will be implemented.

      2) I see nothing in the macro exonomic scene that leads me to believe banks will rebound quickly.

      3) last time I looked at a chart July was the earliest possible time you might even consider a trading buy.

      4) I believe we may have a down market at least into Aug (maybe longer).

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      • Inlet and Norm, because I value your intellect and superior knowledge of BB&T, I would appreciate very much your thoughts on my situation. I am retired from BB&T and through the years (while working) acquired a substantial amount of stock, in fact, my BB&T holdings would represent 70% of my total investments. I have elected not to sell that stock because I would take such a huge hit. Given the fact that the current economic funk we are in will likely continue for years and not months, coupled with Dodd-Frank and the overwhelmingly negative impact on earnings of BB&T and all banks, I just don't see BB&T stock increasing in value for a long time. And, with the dividends having been decimated the justification for holding on to the stock until a rise in value occurs is impractical. I don't need the cash in the stock to suppliment personal income. My concern is strickly from an ROI perspective. I'm nearly convinced that bailing out of BB&T, taking my lumps now (would result in a net loss north of $200k) and reinvesting the proceeds in something with greater earnings/market value appreciation potential may be the most appropriate course. The one thing that makes me reticent to liquidate the stock is my suspicion that King and the BOD will sell the bank first change they get to enrich themselves. I truly do not belive they have any regard for the employees or shareholders and are driven by what is in their best selfish interest. But, in executing on that selfish motive, selling the bank could be beneficial to all of the shareholders, it could be a means of gaining a premium on the current price without having to wait out a gain in value from improved asset quality, strengthed loan demand and increased earnings. Sorry to run on so long but I can tell you the concerns I have voiced are shared by thousands of currently active and retired BB&T'ers. I look forward to your response.

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