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  • cangelosi_g cangelosi_g Aug 18, 2011 8:15 AM Flag

    Here we..

    go again --US regional s suffer w. Euro Banks
    Please tell me where BBT exposure is in Europe.
    HOWEVER more warnings on growth acts like the proverbial tide effecting all ships.
    Go ahead BBT investors buy T bills the long run you lose!

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    • Fear of world-wide depression is fed by the European banks' difficulties. If that does happen it will not matter much whether you own Europe, US or Asia.

      Gold will be useless too. Who is going to have money to buy it at $3,000? And why would they - to which bigger fools would they expect to sell it at that price.

      Cold steel, lead and copper - all molded into useful configurations will be the only metals of value. If any vampires show up MAYBE gold bullets will work as well as silver, but I would not count on that either.

      The US will survive in less worse shape than the others.

      BBT holding up better than some of the big regionals. Today it is the market, not the stock.

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      • Who will have money to buy gold at $3000? The answer to that is easy...EVERYONE and ANYONE, because there will be so many worthless dollars floating around, just as there are trillions of worthless dollars right now, and as our beloved leader, the Ben Bernanke, has ordained he will create even more of them, it will only get worse. As an aside, your Starbucks will cost $9.75, but you will not be able to buy it because your car got stuck in a hole on the raod where there used to be a manhole cover, but thieves stole that for the commodity value. The only people who will not have any money are the one's who are long financials, especially this POS. Remember, buy at $18, then trade out at $21. Good short term trade. Mark my words.

    • yeah...where is BBT in Europe? This is nothing more than market manipulation. The rich just keep getting richer because they are the only ones who have money to buy at these low levels. The multi-millionaires just keep getting richer on these dips.

    • Why T Bills? With the congress and president we have I have lost faith in T Bills!!!!!!!!!!

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