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  • normlasky normlasky Sep 2, 2011 7:25 AM Flag

    Hurricane Irene landed in North Carolina

    "How long did he have to surf on Google to spin those numbers...or did his BB&T masters feed it to him?"

    The information has been in their quarterly earning releases for many years.

    If you were not so lazy and ignorant of basic facts, you would have known that the irene allegation was 100% hogwash.

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    • Thank you Norm for providing factual data. I'm amazed that some of the posters we get on this board would think that their opinions (not supported by any facts) would pursuade anyone to their point of view. I certainly do not agree with all of management's decisions however as a former employee engaged in lending I can affirm that no loan was/is closed without verification of adequate coverage with BB&T named as mortgagee. And listen, even if the borrower later allows that coverage to expire, the bank has a blanket policy that would protect them in the event of a loss. The risk of insurance losses is well mitigated!

    • I know its nonsense, Norm, that's why I didnt bother with it. What's funny is your Pavlovian response to anyone who has anything negative to say about this company. You try and spin some upside about their securities portfolio, or their anemic loan growth, or their loan loss reserves, or the Colonial dead weight, or how the market is wrong, the analysts are all stupid etc., just about anything to paint a bright picture about this loser of a stock. And by the way...who cares if its in BB&T's filings? Do you believe everything the fed states to be true? the White House? the Bureau of Labor statistics?

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