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  • fannyross271 fannyross271 Sep 12, 2011 2:31 PM Flag

    Fat Fanny Downgrages BBT to FAT TURD

    This time next year, SNV, RF and BBT may not be with us, imho. Going down..Sell, sell, sell - I also have serious doubts about MS and STI.

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    • I think it is my turn to address the crazy posts. How is BBT not going to be around next year. Bought out?? Maybe, but they haven't come close to figuring out that's their only option. It will be 4-5 years of flat earning, no growth, and nobody to buy to force a sale.

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      • I dont think you will ever see a voluntary sale. Investors have been looking at this for years...and now its really not that attractive. First the franchise is almost cultish, trying to change the culture of this bank would be akin to getting the Pope to allow priests to marry, just not gonna happen. Second, the assets are ho-hum. Third, the price is too high now, and s kept artificially high by an inefficient retail/employee following. So until the price is really low and an investor is willing to get dirty, you will never see a buy out. This Mgmt team and its Credit folks believe they are smarter than everyone else and simply would reject any reasoanble bid...if someone bid $25 for this company today, Mgmt would want $55, that's how goofy they think.

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