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  • ayscuew ayscuew Sep 15, 2011 5:29 PM Flag

    Load up shorts!

    att funnie, fannie and nobank,
    Are you still shorting?? Don't hear much from you guys when BB&T is going up. Put players will get killed tomorrow (expiration date). Let us hear from you.

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    • accidental search and your post came up, we are on another yahoo ticker symbol message board, but the same thesis applies to crap stocks like BBT

      poor norm never saw the light, inlet maybe made some money finally on a market short like we told him to...

      nobank made money, we are sure of that...

      see you in another year and a half at the bottom

    • Several months ago I put an $18 buy price out there....the stock tested $19, so i got close, but did not pull the trigger. I still think that we could get there. I am not going to short right now...remember the clods who pushed this thing above $33 last year and then lost thanks. Got to stick with the basics...they are not making loans (and loan demand is huge, regardless of what bankers tell you), and instead are simply turning their securities portfolio. They are paying nothing to depositors (actually charging them for warehousing their money). Plus they have a lot more shares now than they used to. None of this is good news and foreclosures are spiking, unemployment is going to go up further, and this bank is going to have a hard time of it (they all are). Europe is going thru the same dollar denominated bailout mania that we went thru in 2008. And look how well that worked... more sky high commodity prices to come. So, I dont think anything will really change until after the election. So any up or down movement now is just noise. Unless this bank comes up with a new plan (merge with somebody big, buy somebody, sell off non-core divisions like captial markets, etc.) I would just stay away for now.

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