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  • z99oo z99oo Oct 12, 2011 9:02 AM Flag

    What this board needs!

    "The fact remains that prior prosperity was in substantial part built on chronic borrowings, not internal economic growth. The vehicles of such borrowings are now under a blanket of pressures to recapitalize and reform their business practices. The Volcker rule, named after former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker who championed the rule as part of the Dodd-Frank financial oversight law, was just released for public comment. Its preamble is 215 pages, with 381 footnotes. The notion underlying the Volcker rule is to prevent banks that benefit from government safety nets, such as deposit insurance on customer accounts or access to Fed money, from using those funds to profit for themselves. Whether such a rule is good or bad policy remains to be seen, but any rule requiring two hundred plus pages of preamble with more footnotes, is bound to stimulate lobbying and retard investing. Many observers opine that such zeal to have government regulate commerce is at the heart of what ails the economy. Others point out that the excesses born from the combination of years of too much loose money and greed are the reasons more government regulation is needed. Regardless of which perspective is correct, the impact on business growth is going to be adverse for the foreseeable future and in that environment it is difficult to anticipate a return to prior economic glory any time soon."
    Copied from Smarttrend, make of it what you will, but, Gov. needs to get out of the banking business IMHO.

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