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  • ayscuew ayscuew Oct 24, 2011 5:52 PM Flag


    Citigroup (C) just upgraded BB&T to HOLD with a $24 price target. Question! Will that keep Kelly King's $10 million pay package???

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    • ays.
      What do you mean keep his $10,000,000 pay package? This will increase his pay package by at least 10% along with the B of D's benefits.
      You know the pecking order: Upper mgt first on the benefit list; stock holders on the bottom of the benefit list.
      I am not against KK or anyone else making a zillion dollars, but I am against labor and mgt being the major benefactors of the company profit and stock holders almost receiving 'zero' of the profit.
      FAIR IS FAIR. Stock holders will someday wake up.

    • "Make sure you dont forget to factor in the following: QIII total loans were $103.8B, compared to QIII 2010 which was 102.3B, or a 1.5% growth rate. Even though this growth number is terrible, it is not the real story. BB&T chose to hold more of its residential loan production in inventory, rather than sell it, which is why in QIII they are showing an 18% improvement in residential mortgages. If these loans were treated on an apples to apples comparison, that portion of the protfolio would have grown less, if at all.

      This is just another example of skillful manipulation. "

      No, this is just another example of your ignorance.

      Bbt has been able to increase their loan portfolio in the last year even though the bank has intentionally reduced their real estate loans by many billion of dollars. Without looking at their financials, I know their adc and commercial loan portfolios are down around $5 billion in the last year Their alt A, residential subprime, construction and lot loans are down about $1 billion. Their covered loans, home equity loans and lines are also down billions of dollars.

      You have no business talking about skillful manipulation when in fact you have completely ignored around $10 billion of loan runoff as referenced above.

      PS - You can look in their q statement to find their mortgage originations and mortgage sales. The 2nd qtr. 2011 q statement showed that 2011 vs. 2010 origination and sales were essentially unchanged. Bbt has not been selling less of their originations to build their loans as you have asserted through the 2nd qtr. of 2011.

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      • Norm Norm Reagan told Carter..."There you go again."

        It is referenced in releases both this year and last. And again, your response has made my point for me.

        There are many "factual data points" about BB&T, just becuase some of them do no support your thesis does not mean they are wrong.

        And I can tell you dont like being proven wrong, because you get emotional and personal.

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