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  • wobatus wobatus Jan 19, 2012 12:29 PM Flag

    returns since 12/31/2010

    USB +7.18%
    BBT +4.67%
    PNC +0.63%
    WFC -1.38%
    FITB - 4.95%
    JPM -10.5%
    C -38%
    BAC -47%

    Past isn't necessarily prologue.

    jamesmarson has a point looking at 10 year returns, price adjusted, since 1/18/2002.

    USB has doubled (this is with divs I believe)
    WFC up about 75%
    JPM up about 40%
    PNC up about 30%
    BBT up about 8% (but that's all divvies, without which you'd be down a bit).

    FITB down about 75%
    BAC down about 70% or so, just eyeballing these figures.
    C down about 90%.

    wamu and indymac out 100%.

    Like I said, past isn't necessarily prologue.

    USB is a good bank. I happen to like BBT over the next few years, but i could see investing in those.

    BAC or C may be the best bet for a 1 year trade. But I'm chicken. Bock bock.
    JPM up about

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