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  • sbolc69 sbolc69 Jun 7, 2012 5:17 PM Flag


    Thing is, they are running a bank like it was 1960.

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    • I'm not sure exactly what you mean when stating that BB&T is run like it was in the 60's. Here's what I do know,they have a long tradition of being fiscally conservative. They are not overly concerned with trying to impress anyone by taking unnecessary risks to demonstrate their financial savvy. If avoiding bizarre and esoteric derivitive-type investments and insisting upon properly underwritten, structured and priced loans is what you're referring to as 60's banking, then I have to say they are right on. There's consultant's, brokers, etc. out there pushing all sorts of leveraged strategies and exotic products. You don't have to look too far to see which banks took the bait and have since been paying the price. I do agree that markets and products and client needs and demains change with time, no doubt about that but I also understand that sound banking fundamentals do not. The trick is figuring out how to maintain a sound balance sheet while generating an acceptable level of earnings to keep the shareholders satisfied while meeting the product and servicing needs of the customers. Nothing really fancy about that and my view is that maintaining a high degree of self-discipline and executing on basic, sound and solid management principals will carry the day and keep you out of the ditch. People criticize BB&T for not being "in vogue and with it". Look at the former First Union and what's happening with BOA as just two examples, is that the course you are suggesting for BB&T?

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