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  • sbolc69 sbolc69 May 31, 2012 10:10 PM Flag

    New MoneyCard??

    I went in a branch today and the local Mgr was telling me about the business bankers who left. Funny, they are pushing business calls on one hand, and they let the top 3 commercial bankers in the Louisville Region quit on them. Those 3 guys may have had 100 million in loans between them. Not going to grow anything letting this continue to happen.

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    • That's because good bankers cost money and BB&T has never recognized that you have to pay for talent. On the one hand you have perpetually underwhelming "yes men" who stay for 3 or 4 decades at BB&T, where they are good boys and girls, drink the kool aid and cow tow to credit, but are mediocre in all other apsects of revenue generation. The orginators go someplace else. Most of the real talent right now is migrating to smaller community banks. The larger banks have jettisoned their older, more experienced bankers (who they say cost too much) and replaced them with younger, less experienced bankers who are just thankful to have a job. And as a result, you have the case where BB&T is entering completely news lines of lending for which they have no experience and their loan officers are not savy about the businesses they are lending against (and how could they be, they are just mouth pieces for the credit dept). If they would stick to lending agaisnt real estate they could make a killing, but they first need to wipe the slate clean on their 40 year old credit model and grow some stones.

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