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  • dhrosier dhrosier Dec 12, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    The run started shortly after 1:30 Wednesday with confirmation ...

    The big run today would seem to be confirmation of the abrupt run up yesterday. Some sell activity kicked in around 2:45 yesterday and did slap the trend down to the end of the trading day but in the first 15 minutes of trading today gave that effort a huge dope slap and the market never looked back. It will be interesting to see if the profit taking in the last 10 minutes today continues tomorrow.

    No matter how credible Compass Point might be I cannot see they could make the market move like we have seen. It will be interesting to see the other shoe or 7 drop. Quite possibly CP divined some message from the tea leaves that led them to steal a march. JMHO, honest but not at all meant to imply expert.

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    • FASCINATING! This stock has a history of sharp moves at opening with almost equally sharp corrections, and that has been true with moves up and (less frequently) down.

      I guess that could be some market maker seeking to moderate price movement and avoid major disruptions.

      We now in the 3rd day of major spikes up among the past 4, with Friday the 13th appearing to my simple eyes to be a confirmation of a sort.

      If it is not a market maker it now would appear to be someone determined to sell into the teeth of a fire-breathing dragon in hopes of grabbing a few points and running for cover.

      For their sake I do hope they are not selling naked shorts, it could be disaster if their shorts catch fire.

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    • The run up could be that a dividend hike leaked out at the presentation at Goldman

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