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  • jim56442 jim56442 Feb 12, 2014 2:04 PM Flag

    What has the shareholders gained?

    A share of stock in BBT EOD 12/31/1998 was $39.16. A share of stock in BBT EOD 2/11/2014 was $37.62. The quarterly dividend in 1998 was 17.5 cents a share and it is now 23 cents a share.
    In the years between 1998 and 2014 just how much has the BOD and executives received in salary, bonuses, stock optiions and additional insurance and perks? Was this pay based on the job done?
    What happened to the concept that the shareholders were the owners and were suppose to receive the benefits of ownership?

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    • The dividend was over .40 cents per share from 2006- 2009. I have been in since 1998 and have done well with a DRIP. Don't have the numbers in front of me but its not as minimal as you make it out to be.

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    • $3.53 per share for those who bought (or did not sell) on February 12 (the date of your post) and held it until today. If they sold today they pocketed the $3.53, if they still hold the stock they might gain more, or less.

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      • dhrosier
        At end of day today looks to be only a gain of $2.07. I understand your comment about history and prices but didn't you actually do the same thing which you referenced my price in February? Saw the proxy material for BBT today. Take a good look at the strike prices and the years on the options outstanding for the executives.

      • dhrosier, you are so right. The Dow Industrials were 15,963 on 2/12 and finished today at 16,367 so the over all market seems to be up some too. However, my point was and still is that if you owned the stock on 12/31/1998 and still owm it today you have a gain of a whole $1.61 a share in what over 15 years. Great investment ? In the some time frame just how much has the BOD and executives been paid. Bonuses, stock options, stock grants etc? I did notice that your post was after the fact and you didn't seem to defend them originally.

    • My observation of all U. S. corporations, the B of D's appoints all upper mgt. The upper mgt is most influential in appointing members to the B of D's. What do you see happening? Benefits to the board members goes way up, benefits to upper mgt goes way up. Both of these groups are at the head of the list to share in the profits and in many cases their benefits goes up when the company loses money. Share holders are always on the bottom.
      This arrangement puts the smell of collusion on the situation.
      I believe share holders should receive the same percentage of the profits as mgt. MO.

    • I was going to post this exact same thing. Well said. It would have been smarter to buy US treasuries in 1998 than to buy this stock. Wow! A bank full of mediocre managers with mediocre skills, mediocre talent who cannot find a job anywhere they work at the BB&T corp. welfare office. All those great minds from East Carolina University at work. I wonder if they understand the concept of annual compounded rates of return. And at the top of the heap is that gem Kelly King. What a mess, form their stupid scheme to avoid taxes that will cost 700M to bad land loans, a failed credit model, to ripping off pro football players, this is just a bunch of rank amateurs who try to make their numbers by over-managing expenses and massaging their loan loss reserves form 2006. The only winners here have been the EVPs and BOd for the last 15 years.

    • Dog of a stock! I know one BBT employee, he's in a commercial mortgage outfit BBT acquired. Pure jerk named Lund, he speculated on a piece of land across the street from me and we warned him it was a illegally filled in pond so it wasn't suitable for building. He went in added rip rap, more illegal fill and the city nixed his scheme to divide it into four residential lots. I goad the city engineering department with fishing reports from Lake Lund from the flood going into the neighbors yards from his mess.

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