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  • looking4adeal looking4adeal Oct 22, 1998 11:48 AM Flag

    Tell me about BBT

    Guys, I am new to this board and have started to
    follow this industry. With all the mega mergers going on
    out there, does BBT have a game plan to continue to
    grow through mergers, or could they be a victom of a
    large purchse.

    Please give me some insite.

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    • I suggest you review all the messages shown on
      this board - with the appropriate grains of salt, of
      course! Check the options that Yahoo offers you. Put BB&T
      or BBK into a good search engine (I recommend and see what you find.

      No one can tell you
      what BBK will do going forward, although we all have
      our own opinons. (Of course, I'm usually right!!) The
      ols "pay your money and take your chances" applies.

      My opinion is that BBK would like to stay
      independant and I think they have made it, at least for the
      next 18 months via their excellent performance.
      Surprisingly, there are other opportunities out there for
      acquisition (can you say Bankers Trust?) that folks didn't
      think would be in play. The Y2K thing is real and will
      slow or stop alot og M&A over the next 18 months. In
      other words, I think BBK is an acquirer, not a victim
      (I'm sorry, I meant to say a "merger of equals"). Just
      ask the ols BA how fum that is.

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