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  • horne12 horne12 Nov 10, 1998 9:31 AM Flag

    BBK mutual funds

    I invested my IRA in BBK mutual funds about a
    year ago. Results have been ho-hum. I am in the growth
    & income fund. Am new on the investment scene. BBK
    broker recommended it. Did I make a mistake? In couple
    years will need to roll over my 401 from company plan
    to something. Should I stick with BBK?

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    • Owner of netradio . . . . .
      IPO expected within 30 - 60 days.

      CEO of
      netradio expected to be announced soon.
      NAVR has strong
      technicals. Specifically, well above 200 day ma...
      course above the 50 day ma...great on balance volume and
      looking stochastics and MACD. Combine that with NAVR's
      strong fundamentals.

      This next month will be one
      that all longs should
      enjoy. This confluence of
      good news and overall market conditions will
      make a
      good start to the new year for Navarre and it�s
      Investigate this one....... soon!

    • There is a featured article in the Charlotte
      Observer business section discussing BB&T's goal to be the
      "best of the best". You can read it

      sorry I don't know how to make the direct link.

    • This is the best board I have seen, full of good
      info and interested, generally well informed posters.
      I too have owned BBK for more than 20 years, but
      the best ride by far has been over the past 3-4 years
      since they merged with Southern National. While there
      will be short term ups and downs in the price the only
      long term outlook for this stock is up, whether due to
      continued high performance or to being purchased for a very
      high premium. Management and infrastructure are being
      stretched, but this is also true of every aggressive and
      above average bank in today's industry environment.
      More importantly, they have the ability to pull it off
      and have been proving so for several years now. I
      hope they make it, for investors will be best served
      in this manner, but the downside of a takeover is
      still not negative from a return standpoint. Hang in
      there and hope for the best. Regards.

    • Readum, Dennra:

      At my age, looking is just
      about al that you can do most of the timne (ok, there
      are those rare moments...)

      Sorry about my
      prediction. How did I know that our faired hair boy would get
      voted down in the house on impeachment. Its really
      dragging the market down.

      Whats new out there in
      electronic land? Everyone have to fight the mall crowds

      Dr. JunJun

    • BBK is headquartered in Winston-Salem. Moved it there a few years ago when they merged with Southern National. Try calling Wilson and you you will find many BB&T'ers, but HQ is in W-S.

    • BBK is headquartered in Wilson,NC is the rural northeast of the state. Winston-Salem is a couple of hundred miles away. Go to BBKs website.


    • Enjoy Doc also.

      I enjoy Doc's post also
      and think nothing of him complementing
      the ladies
      at BB&T. Course, I am of the generation that thought
      a compliment was a good thing and not a negative

      Am pulling for Doc's 41 soon.


    • I love your posts and never think negatively of
      you. However, I wonder how many people out there read
      them and think you are the worst sexist in the world.
      I have gotten caught in that trap a few times
      myself. Love those ladies!!!!

    • I believe that BB&T is headquartered in
      Winson-Salem, not Wilson. Last time I was there, W-S is pretty
      neat and "new South" whatever that means.

      I think I was the one who said they were not for
      sale. They are not! Having said that, it does not mean
      that they can not be bought, but I don't think anyone
      would pay the price it would take and endure the
      significant dilution.


    • many banks or institutions would be able to
      afford them if
      they WERE for sale.They could help
      form one hell of a merger or
      they may continue to
      acquire on their own." Your quote implies they're not for
      sale, which I am sure you realize is a possibility.

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