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  • NVESTR2 NVESTR2 Feb 1, 1999 11:11 PM Flag

    as for y2k...

    what is the difference in converting 520 branches
    or 575 into compliance--nothing. The two banks being
    "bought" are on a very small scale. Once a company is
    complete with their y2k "fixes", they can look for some
    values in the market. getting stronger up north and
    south is great.
    currently working for the bank and
    we are just now rolling out the new systems to three
    regions. the new systems will probably create some
    efficiencies in the branching network, but bbt is still far
    behind on the tech curve--ok b/c not in their strat obs
    to be bank america/ tele bank--have a problem, your
    statement saying you owe 10,000.00 when you only owe 100.00
    =================================================================i promised myself i wouldn't go off on a
    tangent-hell i couldn't help it

    but anyway bbt has y2k
    under control, and converting a few more branches will
    have little affect on the y2k since bbt is just
    replacing existing "hardware" and "software"

    good purchase at a decent price

    prediction: y2k scare will send market into sharp decline by
    Sept 1999. people will just become to scared.
    will rocket. with all of the people in the market that
    have yet to experience a down market- weak investors
    will flee when market loses 18%. with further and
    further panic to follow. people in todays market have a
    gambling attitude(a 100 dollar stock will trade between
    70-130====effectively only a 30 bet. wrong the whole 100 is at stake
    and in a panic easily 50%. Baby booming bluehairs
    will remember the stories of the last big one and get
    a little scared with their life savings. could be a
    real disaster. key is timing. sell high buy

    enough doomsday feelings- market will rebound sharply as
    wise bargain hunters dive in. that is where i hope to
    be. look at the fund companies carrying a large
    liquid position-they want in later in the year

    any responses welcomed-didn't mean to sound like a
    short b/c i am not. currently hold 30% of my port in


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    • year. I also believe the whole issue will be just
      the fear raiser this overblown market will need to
      sharply correct. I also believe BBT and other great
      companies are going to be available at much cheaper

      Like you, BBT makes up a huge portion of my portfolio.
      But unlike you, mine is close to 80% so I am scared
      $*$*less. Have thought about taking the plunge and selling
      it all (401K shares) with the chance to buy back in
      early 2000 at lower prices.


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