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  • pajaa pajaa Feb 11, 1999 8:03 PM Flag

    Has BBT been invited to join S&P 500 ?

    Does anyone know if BBT has been invited to join the S&P 500, or is it already a member of that index????

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    • I think I wanted to say more of what you said so
      well. Bravo!

      I must admit that I do find
      Armand's comments (or lack thereof) less helpful with
      regard to BBT direction, price, etc., but I must agree
      with your comments about a free board, etc. I do find
      his comments about Good ol' boys every bit as
      tasteless as Stock Boy's queen joke or Doc.'s anti-women
      comments. Since they both say they are old, I guess we
      should be more accepting, but your points are well
      taken. Perhaps Armand is old as well...

      I stand
      put in my place. Thanks, I needed that..........

    • I for one find his or her (?) comments
      interesting. And I encourage more! Some of his or her specific
      criticism is justified in my eyes: I too have found the
      good doctor's statements about the "girls" at the bank
      in poor taste, to say the least. The good doctor
      ought to remember that these are women, wives, and
      professionals. He can say what he wants to here, that's okay
      with me, I think we need free forums with minimum
      prohibitions and inhibitions; but then he must also expect
      replies in return, a fair exchange: if he comments on
      other people's bodies, other people may comment on his

      While I was raised to respect elders, and do respect
      many, sometimes I am reminded of what the fool said to
      King Lear: If I were the king and thou were the fool,
      I would have thee flogged. Pray, tell me why? said
      the King. For being old before you are wise, answered
      the fool. (Or something close to that.) But obviously
      the good doctor is more than that, and may he present
      himself in a better choice of words.

      The "attempt
      at a joke" about the "queen" was flat and deserving
      also of a reply. And Armand's commentary on the phrase
      "Laughing all the way to the bank" is on target, as I see

      The criticism that Armand isn't talking specifically
      about BBT is unmerited, in my view, because most of us
      have not restricted ourselves likewise. We don't want
      to be hypocrits, do we? Diversionary tactics also
      won't work, as these are plain for what they

      Some of the attacks on Armand do suggest that birds of
      a feather have had their feathers ruffled. But
      statements of criticism from a genuinely different
      perspective are to be treasured, in my view. They can provide
      the necessary checks and balances to our own
      eccentricities or our plain ol' cussed thinkheadedness. And
      notice that Armand's language has been far less rude and
      crude, far less vitriolic, less spiteful, than have the

      But don't take my comments too severely. Here's a
      cheerful toast to all of you!

    • I think you've missed the point the others made.
      They don't mind critcism as long as it is on purpose,
      i.e., BBT. Personal attacks are childish and

      Armand, if you don't get help at Charter (I forget the
      symbol), get help some where!

      P.S. I have it on
      good authority that some of those you are critical of
      are African-American. I guess they are thrilled to
      hear that there is going to be "a lynchin'
      "(sic)....Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us

      P.P.S. Maybe Stock Boy is right - maybe you are Billie

    • in the good ol' Jim Crow days chattered at the
      barber shop or hardware store, their blather wasn't
      subject to outside scrutiny. Only the like-minded were
      permitted a seat at the bench of puerile conformity. Maybe
      that's why good ol' boys unlike treasury bonds never
      matured. But now that they've upgraded to the internet,
      that narrow little circle of narrow little minds will
      encounter more of those slings and arrows of outrageous (to
      you) criticism. Get used to it boys. You can try to
      draw your wagons closer, talk about havin' a lynchin'
      or a Mississippi Burning, but wider world will in
      the end win. Think twice for a change ...

    • If you want to comment, pleasant or otherwise, on
      BBT or other bank stocks, stick around. If you just
      want to demonstrate your childish ego, head over to
      the BAC board. You and Billie_Bob will get along

      Seriously, nobody on this board minds criticism of the
      stocks, marketing, management, etc. of BBT & others
      mentioned on this board - that's one of the things that
      makes this particular board interesting, informative,
      and usually fun to read, but personal attacks only
      display one's personal short comings. While that
      shouldn't cost any of us money, the making of which is why
      most of us are here, it does waste our time and
      creates bad karma.

      If you want to contribute
      meaningfully, please have at it. Otherwise, jump up my cyber
      a.. you jerk!

      Sorry for the language, Doc. And
      no, I still can't spell worth a hoot and I'm proud of
      it. Good thing I can get the sybles

      Regards (present company excepted)........



      for the caustic trouble making remarks that u seem
      in posting. The Swamp is where you will fit in
      Your comments here are not well received, newbe. Go

      peddle your bilge somewhere else!

      Long on BB@t
      and the Doc.....

    • three opportunities to make a positive contribution to this board. If this were baseball, you'd be out.

    • this brings me to my next point: the ugly, crude
      nihilsm implied by the phrase "Laughing all the way to
      the bank." So-called conservatives seem especially
      fond of it. But as it basically insinuates "If it
      makes money, then feel good about it, and that's what
      really counts ..." the phrase is an expression of the
      bankruptcy of traditional values, with money left as the
      only standard and principle by which anything is to be
      judged. By their knee-jerk cliches, their pat phrases,
      you'll glimpse the contents of their character, eh

    • or you might prefer the MO board. They won't give as gracious a response to your criticism of their spelling as the Dr. This board is extremely cordial.

    • Yes BB&T is in the S&P 500.

      • 1 Reply to jstguess
      • Stock!

        I had to laugh at your joke!!!
        Someday I'll tell you somethings that I learned in the
        operating room from nurses - yikes!

        I had a nice
        drive back from Florida. I stayed in perry georginia
        for a few days at a bed and breakfast. Its a
        beautiful area. Stopped to see my daughter in charlotte. I
        heard that funb brought a lot of employees to
        charlotte, paid for their moving costs, and now they are
        laying off those people. What a cruddy way to treat your

        How about out stock price? I predict we go to 47, and
        it drops to 35. I bought a hunderd shares yesterday.
        It will go up. I love that data on how many shares
        are owned by the employees. An employee (a very
        beautiful young lady with an exisite smile to match her
        legs) told me that almost all employees put their 401K
        into stock. Like 6 billion of the 401k into stock. If
        the employees are buying, so should you. In a big

        Maybe with my 17th purchase, John will put me on the

        Dr. JunJun (tan and sober, but I miss Bert.)

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