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  • project1947 project1947 Feb 26, 1999 7:59 PM Flag

    A modest proposal

    Hey, one of you BBT fans who is in good with
    shareholder relations, suggest this: BBT issue credit cards
    to its share-
    holders. I would rather they get
    the benefit of my transactions
    than others. Seems
    to me that would increase business.

    and Mobile issue gas cards to their shareholders.

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    • You are right on target regarding the WV eastern
      panhandle. Thriving, growing, good demographics, with a good
      economic outlook. I suspect this would be an excellent
      banking market for BBT, but there really is no "mass"
      WV-based bank headquartered there to

      ..........Stay at the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown...on the
      cliffs overlooking the Potomac.....good food....terrific

    • for the helpful information.

    • A bonus opinion on two

      First, Y2K..if there are any problems, it will not be
      with the banks' internal operations, but rather with
      customers. Liquidity is an issue. Remember, a Deposit is a
      liablilty and banks must be prepared to pay them at any
      time. My favorite Y2K story o date: A couple draws
      $14,000 out of the bank, gonna beat the rush, and buries
      it in their back yard. It get stolen. What do I say
      about that? GOOD! Serves them right!

      this whole Y2K problem is classic Chicken

      CREDIT CARDS: banks make money off credit cards three
      differant ways: Interest, fees, and interchange income. A
      bank will pocket about 1.3 to 1.5% of every purchase
      made with their credit card, this is called the
      interchange (the retailer pays about 3% to handle the
      processing, interchange, etc.). As long as you use it, they
      will make money. There is not a more profitable
      product out there for banks, but because it is unsecured
      debt, it is one of the most risky. National chargeoff
      stats are around 5%, give or take a little, depending
      on the season and regions.

      Your ideal credit
      card customer, though, is one who charges the
      daylights out of it, goes over limit from time to time,
      carries a balance, and is constantly late in making his
      payments. That way you have them on interchange, interst,
      and fees!

    • now are building or have built product
      profitibility and customer profitibility systems. The ideal is
      to have each product profitable, and most customers'
      total relationships profitable. You may pay off credit
      card, but have deposit/home
      equity/trust/insurance/investment/etc. or some combination of services that are
      profitable. Profitability analysis systems plus an aggressive
      sales effort to wrap up more services per customer is
      key to success.
      Also, enlightened banks/thrifts
      don't try to run off unprofitable customers, but try to
      price the services they use adequately.This is basic
      business sense that bankers are beginning to catch up
      with....if they want to survive.

    • Senator may be telling Americans to stockpile
      supplies for Y2K. Drive the FEAR. The media should not
      support the fanaticism. This could easily scare America
      into a DEPRESSION. I'm not trying to be a doomsdayer,
      but unless the average american's opinion changes and
      fear eases, we will have some real problems.
      need some people out there making some guarantees.

      What would happen if most seniors took all of their
      money out of the bank. What would happen if the wrong
      person saw them take 100k out. We would have a huge
      increase in robbery. multiple problems stemming from
      nothing but FEAR

    • Banks will see Y2K problems- fanatical fears will
      cause fundamental banking problems. While visiting my
      parents this weekend, my mother showed me a brochure that
      a local church has been distributing. This brochure
      was a to do list to prepare for the new year.

      -take all money out of market and banks- keep this
      money in a safe, safety deposit box, or in a hidden
      -destroy your credit cards/check books/ etc
      -stock up
      on bottled water and canned food
      -stock up on
      propane,,for cooking
      -stock up on heating fuel
      -stock up
      on gasoline
      taken seriously, there will be a huge hit to the entire
      economy. Maybe this will help boost comodity prices. Fear
      is the problem, and until the fear has subsided-it's
      going to be scarrrrry 3-4th qtr this year.
      just MO

    • How do bankers, from their profit-motive
      standpoint, view those who amass sizable credit card bills
      every month, at least four figures, but then pay them
      completely and on time every month? Are we "deadbeats?"

    • the emperor without clothes because some people right away will wonder: What about the empress? Is she in her underwear too? Calm down Dr. JunJun!

    • There have been several comments regarding Y2K
      and banking on this board. With few exceptions, Y2K
      is not a factor in the mergers we are seeing. I
      recently met with the FDIC and they informed me that only
      a handful of banks in the entire country are behind
      where they should be.

      The banks, and their
      regulators, were the first industry to really focus on this
      problem. Remdial efforts began in 1997.

      banks will not have Y2K problems. Period.

    • BB&T's share price did not decline after the
      purchase of Matewan was announced; instead, both volume
      and price jumped dramatically. Because of other
      factors, I expected the price to increase yet more, but
      the slide in bonds took a bite out of that. I expect
      more climb to come. But in the short-term: nobody has
      the answers, everybody's the emperor without clothes.

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