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  • AnteaterJoe AnteaterJoe Jun 4, 1999 3:29 PM Flag

    You boys still holding this stock?

    I sold mine at the end of April at 40. Who's sorry now?

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    • shares 30 years, why sell now? Buy some more and
      ride 'em to 45. What's happening in the market now has
      nothing to do with the underlying quality of this company
      or the earnings stream or banks in's
      about fears of an interest rate hike. Unfortunately,
      too many on the street don't understand the progress
      banks have made in balancing interest risk in their
      loan and investment portfolios with asset/liability
      management. Rate hikes/declines really don't cause the
      earnings hickups as in the past.

    • Does anyone know when the 2nd quarter dividend will be announced? There should be an increase to 78-79 cents per year which will help the stock price.

    • An increase in BBT dividend would be welcome.
      But, IMHO, the prices of bank stocks are GENERALLY not
      a function of a modest increase in the cash
      dividend, but they are a function of interest rates,
      takeover speculation, problem assets, etc.

    • What size town/city are you in? What state? Pretty regular turnover in commercial lenders where I am (NC...larger town)....confusion in branches is to be expected also.

      Any other observations?

    • Turnover and general confusion is rather typical
      of the larger banks in the Southeast. Typical
      everywhere, for that matter, as they go to new ways of doing
      business in order to meet profit expectations of
      securities analysts and institutional investors. It is
      really too bad that many of these banks (but not all of
      them) are ruining their once hard-earned reputations
      for excellent service. Just look at what is happening
      now to one of the biggest-of-the-big in Charlotte. It
      is no wonder that many new banks are opening in the
      South now, and are meeting with success, as they offer
      a more personal style of service at a reasonable
      price, and where retail customers can actually speak
      with humans when they make a telephone call to their
      bank. More power to them in the market place.

    • According to my nephew, turnover of loan
      officers, etc. is not that unusual anymore due to at least
      some of these reasons:

      1) These kids are young
      and many head back to grad. school after they get
      some experience on their resume.
      2) There appears
      to be little "loyalty" to the banks (or other
      employers for that matter) anymore. Therefore they head for
      the biggest bucks and change jobs much more
      3) There appears to be little loyalty to the
      employees any more by the banks (and others). They chop
      whenever they need an earnings pop to offset that mistaken
      merger. Ask any FTU employee that has been there more
      than two years and they will confirm this. BAC is
      getting to be that way too. Aparently this only worked so
      long for FTU!

      BBT seems to be a victim of the
      first reasson more than the latter two. I don't
      remember hearing of any significant layoffs, inspite of
      all the mergers. (Could be wrong about that though.)
      It is a pain for us customers (BBT isn't in my
      market yet, but it's a problem here too with my current

      Community banks ar generaly good retail
      service providers and turnover is lower, but you lose a
      few of the convininces (sp?). I think BBT's goal is
      to combine the best of both worlds. They do a great
      job in some areas (I am told) and not so great in
      others. I think continuing to do "a great job" is their
      biggest challenge as they grow into other states. It
      remains to be seen if they can run an empire this far
      afield. Sounds like they need to work on some areas based
      on the last few posts. This will affect the stock
      price in the long run. Doc JunJun has spoken on this

      From what I've read from BBT, though, they are very
      aware of this and work on it constantly, so I guess
      we'll see.



    • Has this stock seen its low? How high can I expect it go over the next few weeks, months? Enlighten me.

    • by year-end BBT will trade well over 45!!

    • cannot put a time frame on this pullback. Banks
      move with interest rates, period. If rates head
      steadily up, bank stocks will head steadily down. Not much
      BBT management can do about it except sell out, and
      thats not real likely to happen soon. Look, don't hold
      these shares if you are a short-term investor. But if
      you can put em away and forget about em, you will be
      richly rewarded.

    • Penigrated again!

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