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  • Stockboy_II Stockboy_II Jul 28, 1999 11:22 PM Flag


    I hoped I was going to be wrong a while back when
    I said it looked like BBT would continue to go to
    GA instead of VA or MD. Oh well, location, location,
    location, I guess! I now wonder if they have anything left
    for FVB, FNM, etc. or if this will shut them down for
    a while. Maybe OK bank, but price is high if
    previous post is correct. Would a really good one go at 5x

    By the way, I agree from a GAAP or SEC standpoint,
    pooling does not technically allow for dilution (and yes
    the acretion is nice while it lasts), but if that is
    the case, why do the stocks almost always go down the
    next day anyway? My theory is that folks ain't that
    dumb. You pay that price and you bought blue sky
    somewhere and that will impact the stock price, at least
    initially. Hey, I hope I'm wrong and BBT hits $40 tommorow,
    but I don't plan to buy as much as I can at opening
    to take advantage of the jump! Would

    After all, the elimination of pooling is intended to
    bring reality back to the market price. That said, it
    really dosn't matter in the long run, because a savy
    investor will see through it either way. Now, if I can
    just learn how to become a savy investor........ Damn,
    that's not it! Oh well, maybe you can figure it

    Regards......and welcome Hotlanta!


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