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  • Eat_more_possum_now Eat_more_possum_now Aug 17, 1999 7:07 PM Flag

    where are all

    you old buzzards & boolridegirl these days ?

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    • Elite Gold accounts, and I don't have any mutual
      funds, any mortgage or other loan or any insurance
      policy with them. I did ok the transfer of a bundle of
      stocks--including BBT--to their investment office (or rather, I
      didn't say "No you can't keep it for me") when the bank
      that was keeping 'em was bought by BB&T. Maybe it was
      because I already had a "top of the line" account at that
      merged bank and they wanted to keep me. That stock is
      useful for them, after all ...

    • I'm sure they appreciate all investments in their stock, but it has no direct impact upon the earnings. I suspect that is why it does not qualify for the program.

    • Again, I asked the question in regards to stock
      and was told that
      was not a consideration. I felt
      it should be and so stated. However, I was qualified
      without BBT Investments and didn't follow up on my
      statement. ....May consider a letter to the BBT Web
      Page......Thanks!!! roi_bob

    • BB&T made the Heard on the Street column today.
      Article is about bank mergers and the slow pace of
      mergers this year. BB&T mentioned favorably as a bank
      looking for merger candidates. Apparently smaller banks
      are increasingly looking for partners as the cost of
      keeping up w/ tech. goes higher.

    • the stock they have at BB&T Investments is over
      $35,000. But correct me on this if it's not so for the
      "EG" qualification.

      But what will the earnings
      report bring? Will BB&T ever so slightly beat
      expectations? By a penny or two (per share)?

      And: some
      advisors, hail them all, say financial stocks are due an
      upswing in the coming weeks. Hm?

    • ODL, thanks for the reply and the information I
      didn't have at hand while answering POL. I, naturally,
      meet the qualifications and have been a member for
      sometime. One criteria I feel maybe a perk to we supporters
      of BB&T is to make one of the qualifications for
      Elite Gold is that Stockholders of BB&T be
      included.....Just a thought!....It makes little diference to me
      since I qualify but would be a nice perk and possible
      incentive to get stock in the hands of additional citizens
      and thereby bonding with customer. This would
      possibly insure the relationship and broaden the base of
      the stock holder population. Just a
      thought!....Regards, roi_bob

    • Doc, I have spent most of the past two days
      watching the Ryder Cup matches and I am worn out. Think I
      will take tomorrow off from the TV and play a bit of
      golf myself. We have two groups that play each Sunday

      I hope you are correct about 30 or 32 at the years
      end. I can live with that but wish it would go back to

      Last year I bought a very comfortable pair of walking
      shoes for $79.00. I went to the same store last week
      and they ask $89.00 for the same shoe. If this rise
      in prices continues the Feds are sure to raise
      interest rates again and our BB&T stock will continue to
      decline in price.

      Good evening,


    • Hello!

      Thanks again for all the words
      welcoming me back to BBT. I was here, just

      Speaking of napping, I tried to watch a little bit of that
      Rider cup today - golf was made for naps. I was in my
      lazy boy and I was out like a light!

      OK - hwere
      is BBT stock price going? Hmm. Remember what I said
      this week about the market - its getting strange. I
      heard a report the economy is great, people are
      employed, they are looking for big gains in the

      I am skittish. Hmm. Inflation is heating up. I
      don't care what they say. My grandson got me hooked on
      a sports drink that i get at food lion - it was .55
      cents a year ago - today I paid 1.05 for it. I watch
      little things like that and prices are going up. I say
      we are going to get hit by inflation, and then
      another rate hike, some unemeployment. We may be getting
      ready for a slowdonw next year - not bad, but a little
      one. My guess? BBT will finish the year arounbd 30-32.
      Maybe 34. Its a good buying time, but I am waiting. I
      sense we are in for another bad october. RW what do you

      Please tell me how the gatherings are at bbt for the
      gold club. I go to my brannch and she always ask me
      into her office. I am messermized by her beauty. But
      BBT hires very smart and skilled people, then they
      TEACH them banking. Thy make her go to lots of training
      classes. They have a meeting in greensboro next month. She
      is doing great on her loan goal. She says her
      investments for her branch are up to. They count all of that
      in their evaluations.

      Its time for me to go
      star gazing! My neighborbob and his wife martha and I
      set up the telescope to look at the moon. Its full

      Like me.

      Dr. JunJun

    • yes. it will go under 30. may be to 27 (another 10%.).

    • Elite Gold is corporation wide. To qualify you
      must have either a $25,000 balance in any combo of
      deposit accts or have a $50,000 credit line or a personal
      mortgage of at least $125,000 or have at least $35,000 in
      mutual funds. If you don't meet any of these criteria,
      you can still "achieve" gold status by paying $25 a

      Benefits include interest checking w no service chg, free
      checks, unlimited no fee NON-BBT ATM transactions, credit
      card w no annual fee, premium CD rates, discount on
      Constant Credit OD protection, discount on sfe dep box, no
      fee trav cks, free cashiers cks, and a number of
      other "perks".

      If I sound like an ad, its
      because I just became "gold" and have the brochure here
      in front of me! Unfortunately, not gold because I
      just received a big inheritance; just got a tremendous
      rate on a new mortgage.

      I think BBT is great,
      however, since I am also a stockholder, I'm a little
      concerned about the continuing slide in price...anyone
      think it will go under $30?

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