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  • famuman00 famuman00 Oct 1, 1999 9:39 AM Flag

    Businessweek-Oct 11, 99

    I know it's an old article, but Business week ranked the top five (BB&T #2) and least 5 friendly banks for small businesses.

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    • 1. Regarding #1793/rollingstone, I don't think
      Allison wants to be bought by STI but sooner or later he
      may not have a fiduciary choice. That would be one
      heck of a Southeast powerhouse. If you were CITIBANK
      or CHASE would you prefer to buy FTU (even longer
      term a cobbled together franchise)or the STI/BBT
      franchise? And...STI owns a little KO stock, I'm told. I
      pray that they get together.

      2. You'all may
      know this site already, but just in case... hasd a great "what's hot" section including S&L,
      Bank and Insurance listings...shows lots of info,
      ranking evey few days based on price increses. Re:
      #1801/xftu...Reliastar and Protective Life were up plenty. Check it

      Best Regards,

    • In todays American Banker, Bear stearns bank
      analyst Sean Ryan lists his own potential merger
      candidates. Wells Fargo and Reliastar, both with substantial
      operations in Minneapolis; BB&T and Bank of America with
      Jefferson Pilot all headquatered in North Carolina. Third
      is Amsouth, Southtrust, or Regions Financial with
      Torchmark or Protective Life.

      I think the first
      quarter will be quite active...

    • say that it's going to happen: that big insurance
      and stock brokers and investment banks will "go more
      retail" and buy smaller banks, that financial superstores
      are coming maybe not next month but eventually ...

    • They're saving up to acquire Deutsche Bank. You know.....the one in Deutsche, WV.

      Have a good week.


    • I thought sure we'd be hearing about that BB&T acquisition of Merrill or Pru any day now. LOL

    • First, based on latest release of info (3rd Q),
      floods should not mterially affect BBT. Plenty of room
      for taking higher losses without impacting earnings
      (remember that "reserve" is just that. Any charges to it do
      not affect earnings. But, if the reserve is increased
      - that is a charge to earnings. Size of the reserve
      is the issue. If it is "too big" now -which I
      suspect, charges may only shrink it to "normal" size
      without adversly impacting earnings.)

      As far
      as Glass Stegal (was he George Segal's father in law
      before he Americanized his name?), if BBT is moving up
      on this news, it should be because somebody thinks
      BBT could be bought because of it. If it was the
      other way around, wouldn't the stock price go down?

      IMHO, I think BBT moved up because the lemming effect
      dragged all bank stocks up on this news. Let's face it,
      the market was looking for something

      Regards and let's hope it hits $35 by New


    • spubadub, if Glass Steagel, or whatever, is
      repealed, how do you think that might effect BBT? I mean, I
      don't expect Merrill Lynch, or Prudential Insurance, to
      buy BBT.........or vice



    • the game. His/her speculations seem more on track now that the new laws & regulations seem imminent. What do you all make of the merger speculations?

    • A joint committee in Congress approved bank reform legislation which will repeaal the Glass-Stegall Act. Expected to pass next week. Will renew merger fever. Stock up on new.

    • But I suspect potential buyers of the stock expect BBT to keep on buying (smaller banks that is), so they're not that much in a hurry to buy more ...

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