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  • againROTFLOL againROTFLOL Nov 10, 1999 11:19 PM Flag

    a long, long, long time ago

    I went to a fancy university and was introduced
    to some of that history and philosophy. I became
    especially fond of that 18th century movement called "The
    Enlightenment," and in the name of that movement I now believe I
    should stand up for muckywaters rather than that
    imposter who calls himself after one of the philosophers
    of that era (but who does not seem to have
    internalized the philosophy). Reason (one of the big ideas
    then and still good enough now) has to tell us that
    both tobacco and big-time pig factories are simply
    bad, disgusting, an offense to rationality, and ought
    to be phased out, just as back then in the 18th
    century divine right, slavery, blood-letting, and etc.
    were clearly due a phasing out. The argument that some
    people will be economically hurt is not sufficient
    reason against this. Mucky's choice of language may not
    be what I would prefer, but despite that his head is
    on the right track. Others may use a sweeter and
    more "civilized" tongue, but, frankly, the noble
    savage often speaks the greater truth, which is also
    sometimes a rude truth. I'm old enough to have heard the
    language of Jim Crow, I know chicanery and worse when I
    hear it, and I hear that same old flimflam in the
    words of Mr. Helms and the apologists of the tobacco
    and pork industries both. Erase the infamy, as
    Voltaire said. And while I'm at it: leaf-blowers ought to
    be banned also.

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    • I find your message to be rather enlightening and
      one that probably took lots of guts to post, as I
      suspect that you are a resident of North Carolina, a
      beautiful place that many "like calling home".

      you noticed that the political "leaders" in NC are
      now asking the federal government to pay for the pig
      companies infrastructure to reroute all the pig poop? What
      ballz these people must have. And, they want cash
      now........not low-interest, taxpayer subsidised loans. This is
      "corporate welfare" in its purest form.

      And, by the
      way, to the messenger who says this board should stick
      to straight stuff about BBT, it is MHO that the
      economy of NC is of great importance to the continued
      good health of BBT.

      Thanks, again, ROTFOL for
      your great post. the
      way..........what have you got against leaf-blowers?


    • Dear ROTFLOL,

      Apparently, my posting 1838
      has been misunderstood. I intended no defense of the
      tobacco or pork industries. Like you, I consider them
      indefensible. Moreover, I join you in supporting the phasing
      out of both industries. Clearly, NC will be better
      off without them, as will consumers. I was merely
      affirming p4p6's understanding of the historical linkage
      between the two. As Jean Jacques Rousseau is also
      considered a romantic, allow me to express some sympathy for
      farmers caught in the middle. In my community, "sunbelt"
      jobs have softened the economic blow.

      On a
      personal note, I, too, remember Jim Crow. As a college
      student in the 1960s, I joined the struggle against it. I
      have always been proud of that. Since you cannot
      possibly know what I have internalized, your ad hominem
      attack on me is not very enlightened. As the dying
      Goethe said, "More light!"


    • You should go back .... the "enlightenment" you suffered has interferred with your ability to think ... this is a board to discuss BB&T as a subject ... not your "enlightened" idiosyncracies!

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