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  • whoooopdedoooo whoooopdedoooo Nov 13, 1999 3:22 PM Flag

    Ok, no more sarcasm, Mr. ROT.

    I did enjoy your excellent post. And Good Bull is
    also right: whatever affects the economy of NC is fair
    game for discussion here. Not only NC, however, but
    wherever BB&T does business. Which brings me to these
    interesting statistics provided by the WSJ: YTD, U.S.
    regional bank stocks are down about 4% on the average.
    However, banks in the west region are up about 9.4%, banks
    in the east are up about 2.7%, and in the central
    region they're up about 1%. That leaves guess who for
    the downside? Yup, the southern banks are down about
    19%. Ouch! Why?

    My guess is the hurricanes had
    something to do with it, but that can't be all there's to

    What gives?

    Sometimes I suspect the "good old
    boy" school of capitalism still so strong here in the
    South is actually bad for the best kind of capitalism,
    bad for innovation, and bad for that extra drive
    which propels individuals and companies to go further
    ... now that we're allegedly in the "age of
    information" or "brains over brawn" our region is being held
    back again by some familiar old factors: good old boys
    in power who want nothing but to keep their power
    and priviledge, know-nothings who want to keep our
    education in the 16th Century (pre-Enlightenment, Mr. ROT),
    and that old reactionary strain in us all that just
    wants to send a solid fist into the face of anything
    new and different and odd ...

    Speak out and
    you will get answers that you have no right, as a
    poster has said here. Appropriately enough, it is a
    self-proclaimed "Christian" who wants to keep this board in line
    and keep out the "idiosyncrasies" (like independent
    thought, I suppose) ... but there I go again, becoming
    sarcastic. Back into the saltwater swamp for me, got some
    voodoo ceremonies to attend, which just might me more
    helpful than listening to what comes from the mighty
    pulpits of righteous narrowmindedness.

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