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  • jjrousseau_2000 jjrousseau_2000 Nov 16, 1999 3:55 PM Flag

    L O L

    Dear everlybros,

    I am laughing out loud
    over you clever post. Creating the screen name was a
    nice touch. You have a sharp wit and keen
    intelligence. I applaud you.

    On the other hand, I can
    see suzie's point. Some people are turned off by the
    vitriol that gets spewed out here sometimes. If suzie
    (and others) choose not to post here, we are all
    losers. For example, the respected Dr. Jun Jun withdrew
    from this board for several months for this very
    reason. We are the poorer for missing out on his sage
    wisdom. If we could temper our self-expression with more
    tact and civility, our board would likely attract more
    posters. Both the content and tone of our board would
    improve. After all, are we not ladies and

    Thanks again for your great post.


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    • Make an old man happy and put a spell check on this thing! I've proven once again I can neither type nor spell. My apologies to those offended.


    • Beta who? And I thought sector rotaion was what
      my chiroprator did each week? And I thought a
      co-varience was when something happened unexpectedly!
      Honestly, blue, I'm not sure I derived everything you
      wanted us to out of your post. Teach me.

      By the
      way, Fan, good point about the sucess BBT has had
      "inspite of" all the acquisitions. I really don't think
      doing nothing would have been better for the stock
      price, even if doing nothing would have resulted in BBT
      getting bought. So, maybe i spoke to soon and buying
      something else (which they will do for sure) is dilutive
      technically, but a good decision in the not so long run.

      Regards.......(and Regional was a lousy buy, no matter what the
      timing!)(and I notced you didn't speak to


    • That would be under 65 or 70? Of course
      diversifying....investing not day trading...into more volatile tech stocks
      can lower the risk and increase the return of your
      portfolio. Likewise the intelligent use of some derivatives
      can do the same. Sector rotation can be an important
      tool. Your $1.75 average may or may not have given you
      reasonable annualized return. What is the beta of your
      portfolio? Have you calculated the co-variance of returns of
      some components of your portfolio? I know...slide
      rules can do all the same things as calculators...just
      a little slower.

      Give us a break eh?

    • It's been a long time since I've played at Myrtle. My rounds are east of I-95 in NC and a few in the mountains.


    • ...I'll clarify that I didn't mean buy and
      forget, also don't sell just because there hasn't been a
      short term move. As you know, a company can have great
      fundamentals yet not move in the short term due to extraneous
      factors like interest rate moves in financial stocks. The
      advice for young investors that I got from a smart "pro"
      years ago was: buy high quality market segment leaders
      with a track record, dollar average in over good times
      and bad, join the DRP program, and patiently wait for
      the bull markets to magnify your total returns. When
      investing every month, of course you should assure that
      your choices continue to be strong performers on
      operating fundamentals and industry leaders.

      violated that advice with IBM when I sold too soon for the
      wrong reasons. Holding sound stocks when bull markets
      hit is the way to look smart.

      Regarding the
      question of BB&T purchases - the key is buying the right
      things (and Regional was a timing error). Remember that
      BB&T's current EPS growth record was achieved during
      it's most active merger period. The key, I think, is
      sticking to the announced strategy which the market
      understands. A departure from the strategy would be a problem,
      but so far JAA has shown he knows what he's doing and
      I too will be a long term holder.


    • Dear BBTFan,

      Congratulations on your ace! Ever play Myrtle Beach?

      Yours Respectfully,

    • I assume that all you published is correct and I
      would agree with most if not all of it. However, if BBT
      keeps buying, then its growth in price is likely (not
      certainly) to remain lower than some of its less attractive
      (on fundamentals) peers. Over the long run, I agree
      that good purchases will begat good stock prices, but
      this can be a dangerous game. I think Mr. A knows what
      he's doing (we'll forgive him Regional Acceptance -
      not sure yet about Matewan (at least he didn't pay
      much for it))and I'm currently a long term holder of
      this stock, but......

      I don't think buy and put
      it away for ever is necessarily good advice. IBM may
      have been a winner over time, but many, many others
      were not. You may not have to be a day trader (I'm
      with you - let's play golf instead!), but if you are
      in the market, you should always remain a "trader."
      To me this means, once you buy it, check to see if
      why you bought it still holds true. If not, consider

      I don't really think you were suggesting that we
      forget out investments, but some folks who read this
      board and value your opinion maight have misunderstood.
      Hope I didn't.

      Regards......(Matewan!? Why
      John, why?)...


    • ....and by the way, most of us seniors have left
      our wilder days behind...but on to business. The
      price change figures are from 12/30/97 to 9/30/99 as
      indicated in the 2nd paragraph. The P/E, P/B comparison is
      as of 9/30/99 and is based on American Banker
      numbers, current price and trailing 4 qtrs. earnings. The
      P/E numbers are: BB&T 17.7; CCB 11.6; First Union
      10.1; NB 18.4; Wachovia 17.0; S&P bank index 12.5. The
      price/book figures for the same date: BB&T 350%; CCB
      First union 216%; Wachovia 293%; Clearly BB&T is
      trading at a premium to the peer group (based on strong
      earnings growth, good markets and market confidence in
      management strategy) but price growth in any short term
      period may not match that of lower P/E, P/B peers.
      However over the long run consistent strong performance
      is rewarded by the market - which is why I'd urge
      looking not just at a week or a month but also look at 24
      month trends or longer as well.

      understand that I wasn't bragging about owning some shares
      30 years. I was hoping younger investors might see
      the wisdom of longer investment horizons and avoid
      mistakes I made early in my investment career. 30 years
      ago, I didn't understand this and bought IBM 3
      different times and sold it after a year or so when nothing
      happened. If I'd have bought and forgotten it, it would
      have made me look a lot smarter. What I have since
      learned from some bright investment professionals is that
      the best strategy is to invest systematically in high
      quality equities, use dividend reinvestment, and wait
      patiently for the periodic bull markets to roll around and
      make you look brilliant and rich.

      I'd rather
      play golf than day trade - had a hole-in-one last
      month! sorry to be long-winded.


    • You make a good point.

      HOWEVER, it you
      truly believe that "more tact and civility" will
      "likely attract more posters", then you haven't yet
      reviewed the First Union - FTU - message board. Those
      people post vulgarities and assorted junk with a
      vengeance, and that board receives over 100, perhaps over
      200, messages each day.

      Thank you for your good

      • 1 Reply to Schlachthaus_Fuenf
      • How about being down 10% year to date while the
        market roars? Yes lets be polite and spew warm thoughts
        about BB&T..oh yes...and lose money.....while
        speculating on bizarre takoever rumours. BB&T is a decent
        bank.....but like any company has limitations, strengths and
        weaknesses. Let's be real here! Unfounded optimism and
        positive thoughts are meaningless. For those looking for
        peace and harmony...perhaps we can plan a meeting so we
        can hold hands and hum positive mantra's.

        the mean down analysis is where its at!
        The world economy, the national econmy, the regional
        economy, the competition, the banks
        management...Allison...who is below Allison, etc, etc, etc....

        course we could listen to those who are influenced by
        the apearance and dress of young trainees. That seems
        to carry more weight hear than any real

        Peace and Harmony to all:-(

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