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  • monky22 monky22 Dec 25, 1999 11:38 PM Flag

    buy BBT

    Buy all you can at 27 because it will soon go back up. Sun Trust or Similar Banking institution will buy BBT at a nice price. Soon I hope.

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    • BB&T like many other banks is undervalued in
      comparision to the market as a whole. Sure, Many investors
      are rightly pissed or worried about the more than 30%
      drop in BB&T's price; but we need to remember that's
      of the past year, it's a done thing, and we're stuck
      with it if we haven't sold. Now we need to look ahead
      from where we are at, and that view looks mostly up to
      me. Regardless of wether or not BB&T is bought out
      soon, the upward pressure will be there once we're past
      the Y2K barrier.

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      • appropriate? It appears to me that BBT is still
        selling at a high PE compared to most banks. Why will
        price go up go up in future? Will bank PE's move up
        across the board in the face of sure interest rate
        increases from the Fed? I'm not trying to be argumentative,
        just practical. I agree selling now may be too late,
        and I do have some liquidity to buy stocks, but I can
        not find a compelling investment reason (that is what
        this is all about, remember?) that sez that BBT is the
        place for my cash to invest. As I've said before, I
        admire management and think this is a good bank,
        particularly as long as the economy stays relatively strong
        (bail fast on all banks if the economy tanks - IMHO
        none are currently ready for a bad economy - it's been
        too long for them to remember!), but I think the
        devotion shown here should be more along the lines of -
        "If I was going to pick a bank to invest in...." - or
        something like that. Particularly for newbies to investing.
        IMHO, there are better general investments out there
        compared to any bank.

        Last but not least, I am
        convinced that BBT is really not for sale - MOE as close as
        they would come and only if JA stays on top. I still
        like ASO as a candidate, but they havn't listened to
        me yet. Hype on this BB that this is a good
        investment because of takeover, ignores current PE and
        dilution to any acquirer. Hey, I could be wrong, wouldn't
        be the first or last time, but I don't see why BBT
        would have to sell unless they stumble. Then, all bets
        are off.

        An old man's


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