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  • raleigh_dave raleigh_dave Jan 26, 2000 8:02 AM Flag

    Long on BBT

    I've read over this BB for several months and I
    must say, I'm quite amused by all of the
    misinformation. I've owned the stock for several years and have
    been aggressively adding to my position between 25 and

    This is an exceptional company. They give
    a "home town" service feel and yet offer many
    exceptional services. We have our mortgage with them and do
    some of our investment services and all banking. The
    ONLY weakness for this company is the aftermath of
    Hurricane Floyd with @2Bil losses east of Raleigh. BBT has
    shared that weakness although temporarily. The Federal
    and State programs will completely obviate this issue
    by summer. The oversold condition will snap back to
    the high 30s and add the strength of any new
    programs/acquisitions/etc. I project 45 by August.

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    • NC about this, although it's surfaced a
      couple of times in the past years due to analyst
      speculation about the great fit. Mergers have to be done when
      they're available, so if the CEO & Board decide to sell,
      I hope BB&T wins the race. I haven't looked at
      their numbers or relative stock price performance but
      the franchise fit would work well - BB&T has enough
      presence there to create synergies.

    • My kingdom for a spell check!!!

      The previous message was brought to you by a deranged old man who desrved a spell checker, but Yahoo denied him.

      Sad. Sad. Sad.


    • really too many? Old/new rumor on FVB. Just
      because it's not new, dosn't make it false. IMHO, they do
      need to "finish" VA and this one could do very well in
      that respect. F&M could too. Probably others in
      smaller chucks. Real question is, would they chance it -
      given everything else going on?????

      If this was
      WB, probably not. But I fear that JA and his team
      feel that they are somewhat invinceable at this point.
      This is not uncommon and the only difference between
      that and failure is that they have been sucessful. I
      mean what I just said. Thay have pulled it off in the
      past and that's not a bad predicter for the future.

      If BBT is like most other companies and I assume
      this applies to banks as well, geographic expansion
      can strain your "system" like nothing else. You may
      pick a winner, but the strain of incorporating it make
      make it and you, a loser. This is not picking a loser
      (Regional Acceptance appears to fit this bill IMHO), this
      is picking a "pass" when you're cracking around the
      edges. Is BBT there? I don't know - certainly hope not.
      But I think bbttobe has a valid point.

      point of mine - I think a MOE with someone with solid
      management to share the load would help. Not easy to pull
      off (anybody from SNB left, really?) but a valuable
      step up when done well. You heard it here first!
      Course, I'm probably wrong again!!!

      Regards and
      man I hate snow!!!!


    • I hope that BB&T is not looking at any acquisitions of any significany size. I think they have enough in GA to digest.

    • titanium_toilets_are_overrated titanium_toilets_are_overrated Jan 26, 2000 8:47 AM Flag

      You said that you have been 'quite amused by all
      of the misinformation' on this message

      Well, now is the opportunity for you to make things
      right and to educate us misinformed shareholders. Fire
      away. We can't wait.

      You also project a price of
      45 by August. ROFLMAO.

      • 1 Reply to titanium_toilets_are_overrated
      • I suspect that this acronym has some meaningful
        content. Deprived of that arkane insight , however, my
        assumption is that it is negative and therefore had to be
        camoflaged as an acronym. You identify yourself as a
        misinformed shareholder ... sadly, I suspect that this is
        accurate, which of course begs the question, why are you a
        shareholder? Over my months of watching this board I have seen
        several posters with valuable information driven away by
        adolescent praddle and caustic commentary. Let's raise the
        bar. :-) Have a nice day!

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