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  • readum98 readum98 Sep 6, 2000 9:25 AM Flag

    Gee, Stock,

    if I read you correctly you are not all that jazzed about this latest deal?

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    • OK, so I'm not very funny. Sorry

      For all I know, this may be a great bank (!) but
      where is the value for the shareholder of BBT? And yes,
      I understand the concept of holding for future
      gains and I can sell if I don't like what is going on.
      I just would like to see some appreciation in my
      holdings in the near future and continued dilution makes
      that a whole lot harder to come by. I again point out
      to those of you who bought at $40 that life ain't
      too great is it? I didn't pay that - had a long time,
      but still.......

      Anybody else bothered by
      First Fed's executive management

      Sorry to be so crabby, but the rain has messed up my
      golf plans over the last week. Maybe



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      • In your post, you mentioned First Fed's executive management compensation.

        What's the story there? What is the issue you refer to?



      • Everybody is less than thrilled at price action
        over the last year. I semi-retired early off the value
        of my 401-K plan and it is worth approx 1/2 what it
        was. On the other hand, I cannot see flaws in the biz
        plan. Aggressive acquisition was the reason for the
        superb performance of the last ten years. From an
        earning perspective, BB&T has not yet stubbed its toe.
        Lets see when the paint drys how well the plan works.
        I have hitched my wagon to John A.
        Oh, and my
        golf plans have been ruined for the last six days. I
        understand the crabbiness.

      • If BBT's going to grow - which I don't disagree
        with - why not buy something meaningful in VA or MD
        where it would do more good. Buying First Fed in SC
        pushes BBT all the way from third in market share to,
        well, third!! What's the point in spending that $100
        million when you could do better in other

        Sorry - old men forget to finish their posts


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