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  • grunt992000 grunt992000 Oct 3, 2000 2:22 PM Flag

    Stock, was that you?

    Looks like there was a good-sized sale of these
    shares at about 11:45 today, when they were at
    $31...maybe you got your wish, or maybe you persuaded another
    reader of this board to sell. Either way, more power to

    Interesting(pardon the pun) article on interest rate theory inside
    the front page of today's WSJ. It appears Greenspan
    is borrowing some of the ideas of a dead Swede named
    Gnut, but won't admit it. Come to think of it, I
    wouldn't admit that either.


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    • Take it from a current STI and former Crestar employee--dont get bought by STI. BB&T is a good franchise much like Crestar was. How many positive things have you heard about STI lately (or ever?)??

    • The old STI and WB (or "Coke and Smoke" as they
      used to say) merger still floating around...

      agree with BBT good mgmt comment; If you want to hear
      from some unhappy campers, check out the Yahoo BB for
      STI... Do they want some cheese with that whine?

    • That Centura rumor is probably wishful thinking
      by a s/h of their underperforming stock. As
      mentioned by a previous poster, BB&T has the #1 market
      share of deposits in NC (excluding the large corporate
      deposits BofA pulled into Charlotte to beef up their
      numbers. Hugh hated for the 2nd largest US bank to also be
      #2 in their home state).

      Large article in
      today's Raleigh News and Observer business section
      touting Wachovia as a takeover candidate due to credit
      problems and taking down reserves in years past leading to
      poor stock performance. Chase, Wells and Suntrust were
      potential aquirors mentioned.
      Other posters have
      mentioned BB&T's trading volume and market value passing
      Wachovia recently. Shows what can happen when mgt. doesn't
      stick to it's knitting.

    • I agree this is unlikely...look at BBT deposit market share in NC...Regulators wouldn't like further concentration.

      I think Tenn. expansion more likely.

    • I hope it is just a rumor. What on earth would BB&T want with Centura? Duplication of service would be a major problem.


    • Why?? What's the payoff?


    • My gut feeling is that Stock did not sell today. He has been long (like me) on BBT for so long it would take a major earthquake to separate him from his BBT stock.


      • 2 Replies to rwmgn
      • RW:

        Nobody is older or longer than me!!!!!
        hell, I remember the first president of the federal
        reserve, Al hamilton.

        Did you ever see the
        crossing, alexnader hamilton was some little kid in the

        Whatcha no good ole boy? You still chasing the skirts? I
        try when i can, arthristis and all the other
        ailments, you know what I am talking about?

        John, do not sell us. Your branch managers are the
        prettiest around.

        is the old gang still here? How
        bout that young kid readum. i think stock is up there
        in the years, but not as old as me. I think denna is
        still here right? who else?

        I am going to start
        posting. I forgot why I stopped? I am sure there was a

        Doctor JunJun

      • it would take the passion and personality out of his posts. He's having too much fun on this board and I hope he stays!


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