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  • rwmgn rwmgn Oct 3, 2000 3:55 PM Flag

    Stock, was that you?

    My gut feeling is that Stock did not sell today. He has been long (like me) on BBT for so long it would take a major earthquake to separate him from his BBT stock.


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    • RW:

      Nobody is older or longer than me!!!!!
      hell, I remember the first president of the federal
      reserve, Al hamilton.

      Did you ever see the
      crossing, alexnader hamilton was some little kid in the

      Whatcha no good ole boy? You still chasing the skirts? I
      try when i can, arthristis and all the other
      ailments, you know what I am talking about?

      John, do not sell us. Your branch managers are the
      prettiest around.

      is the old gang still here? How
      bout that young kid readum. i think stock is up there
      in the years, but not as old as me. I think denna is
      still here right? who else?

      I am going to start
      posting. I forgot why I stopped? I am sure there was a

      Doctor JunJun

    • it would take the passion and personality out of his posts. He's having too much fun on this board and I hope he stays!


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      • Actually, I said I would now sell some, only
        some, when it got to $31.25. That other poster
        convinced me that I was being too conservative at only $31.
        It didn't quite hit my target, at least long enough
        for me to do something about it. I didn't have a
        limit order in.

        Interesting point, Fan, on
        Summit purchase affecting BBT price. For some reason, I
        forgot about a possibility of BBT being sold as a price
        driver. How soon we forget when we're ponitificating!!
        Just goes to show that I've been taking myself too
        seriously! The answer to that, of course - more golf!! Man
        do I ever be so humble out on the course! Bah -

        If BBT is seen in play - which I doubt - then the PE
        could escalate. But who would/could buy them? They have
        a bigger market cap than WB, if you can believe
        that. I would have said Fleet as a possible, Wells as a
        likely, and TSI as too late! But what do I

        I think any purchase premium will shake out soon -
        it would have to be a perfect deal and I doubt there
        is one perfect enough for Mr. A, Mr. K, and Mr. W
        out there - i.e., they run the joint!

        we're back to good old earnings and multiples thereof.
        (Dang that sounded like a NY lawyer, didn't it?!) I
        still think Mr. A should quit diluting the stock and
        use some of that cash to buy some back and reward the
        shareholders. I mean, why buy that mortgage thing? Everybody
        else sold their's a few years ago. Course, he's made
        other clever purchases - like Regional Acceptance - boy
        was that a great deal!

        I know I'm being harsh
        - in general Mr. A has done an excellent job, but
        what would have earnings been this year if he had
        curbed his dilutive growth over the past two years and
        what would my share price be now? It's a valid
        question I think. Where is their shareholder's meeting
        next year? Maybe I should

        Regards...and only MHO.......


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