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  • rwmgn rwmgn Oct 18, 2000 2:39 PM Flag

    Newbie on the board but

    Most of my stock certificates have SNB on them
    because I first got into this stock through Union Trust
    Company, Independance National, Southern National and now
    BB&T. That will date me to those of you that have been
    around that long.

    John Allison, the one and only
    time I met him, greatly impressed me. I have had no
    reason to change my mine about him and his operation of
    BB&T. Like Stock, I would like to see stockholders
    getting a little better deal. However, I am going to put
    my trust in Allison and his team to bring me great
    rewards somewhere down the line.

    ! !


    • I suppose none of us remember the bank as a rural
      association when it began in 1872. But, RW, your cost basis
      must be miniscule. Stock bought as late as 1990 would
      have had a cost basis (adjusted for one 2 for 1 split)
      of $2.00. I don't have your bragging rights, but I
      sure can't complain about my stock bought in 1993.
      And, I agree, as long as this well-run machine has as
      much on the ball as it does, who cares about the stock
      price. I won't sell it anyway.

    • I too have some of those SNB certificates from
      the stock split. Even though I'm in the east, I
      thought Clyde Stutts, Tete Pearson et al did a good job
      with their banks and their s/h have done well by the
      mergers. Good Luck.


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