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  • Stockboy_II Stockboy_II May 18, 2001 9:27 AM Flag

    All are interesting and valid points...

    for the most part. I think that "thinking outside the box" as I originally used it really meant willingness to do something different. I didn't mean something entirely new and inovative. As I stated before, staying the course has been one of BBT's strenghs as well as curses. Sorry if I confused the issue with this over used term. Hadn't had my meds yet when it fell out of my mouth (keyboard?).

    If you think about it, most of the pro BBT/WB comments are pretty logical. Given that, you would think that WB's Baker would have thought about it the same way as well, and approached Mr. A. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that Bud tried that senerio out with Mr. A. through some intermediaries and got shot down. Because of the way it was handled, he didn't have to report it to the SEC. Why it got shot down is anybody's guess, but I still maintain, and most of you agree, that management issues in a combined bank were first and foremost. My bet is that Bud would not allow BBT to take a white knight role - it hurt his ego too much. He wanted WB to appear to be "king". Selling out to FTU was easier to swallow, cause they were considered more powerful than BBT and WB. If BBT could have paid the FTU price, I have to believe they would have had to jump on it, so we are back to management personalities and pecking order again. I realize that the above ideas may be difficult to swallow and I admit that this is pure speculation on my part. Still your points on a BBT/WB combo are so much more compelling than the "positive facts" behind the FTU/WB combo that it makes you wonder. I doubt we'll ever really know the answer.

    As for STI/WB, IMHO this is still a better bet for shareholders of WB and it probably is a much better deal for rank and file employees and customers (remember them?) so it should prevail with the only downside being Bud getting dropped on his a$$! Time will tell, I guess. Should be interesting - it ain't over yet, is my guess.



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    • Thanks Sockboy, your comments are always (imho) well thought out and sound. Even on a non-medicated day, you are very much up to the task of giving a sane, sound, thought provoking summary of Southeast Banking. Also, agree that the STI deal with WB would be better than FTU for customers and stockholders.
      Best regards.

      Long on BB&T

      PS, are you out there Doc. We need your input!

    • I agree with you Stockboy...I think that Baker has never taken Allison and BB&T very seriously as being a major player..maybe Allison is getting a suntan from the heat Baker is taking on this one?? IMHO

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