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  • lex_nox lex_nox Jul 23, 2001 5:19 PM Flag

    Cautious, ignorant Sophomore

    I said nothing about what it is , that to which you refer. You miss my point entirely.
    Your retort to my statement is in,itself, completely admissory that an attack is being staged.

    My points were, and I will spell them out for you - -
    This is not a customer service board. It is a Financial chat board. If someone has Customer service needs, they should contact BB&T Customer service, not voice it in this board, if their intentions are truly in the best interest of the Financial Community.

    DID I say BB&T would remain independant? - NO , I did not. and as a matter of a fact, BB&T is NOT remaining independant - BB&T Buys banks all the time- therefore, BB&T is not Independant.

    Can you in truth , tell me why rdm2000_uva posted that post here? was it information - and just what information was it ? To tell me they experienced poor customer service?
    In truth , Ive never had any problems at BB&T- theyve always treated me well.
    But I can tell you first hand that while living in Florida, at the North Dale Mabry office in Tampa, that I lost $10,000.00 for a period of six days, --SunTrust "Mis-placed" it, and then was so bold as to inform ME that I had made an accounting error, and be you so inclined to investiagte this for yourself, it happend during the month of June, in 1994. Suntrust was QUITE rude about the whole thing,what they did , in fact was bordering upon accusing ME of Fraud. ----I no longer live there, I live and Bank in the Carolinas, and thank-God, there are no Sun-Trust offices here.

    Now after reading that- do you give a dam about my experience with Suntrust?

    I addressed my concerns with their regional office, not on a message board.

    I think you, sir , or Ma'm , do not know the field in which you play. This is not BB&T's customer service board. I dont need to defend my investments to the likes of you- whom has not even taken the time make my acquaintance.
    You do not even know me.
    Look at the figures for yourself, BB&T's book value, at today's $36.33 closing should tell you that STI would be financially ignorant to launch such an endeavour.

    Your post seems predictably inflammatory, which is one of the reasons I do not consort with STI, or invest in STI, or even visit the STI board as a lurker.

    You voice your opinion on either your experience, or your desire to appear as one who would effect an influence to effect an outcome to a specific circumstance.

    I have neither the necessity to confound or validate your position, given the circumstance.
    Wall street is a dabbling concern of mine, there are bigger fish to fry.

    Please , respond.Retort,and argue with me. I need some entertainment, - Im alone in my compound, in desperate need of stimulation.
    Have you no life?

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