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  • cautiousinvestor303 cautiousinvestor303 Jul 29, 2001 12:47 PM Flag

    Sorry to have to tell you this but.....

    No matter how much you morons try and deny it, STI and BBT will announce a merger by Oct. The new bank will be headquartered in Atlanta and carry the SunTrust name. This is something BOTH banks will HAVE to do. They dont have a choice.

    Phillip Humann will be CEO of the Holding company and John Allison will be CEO of the bank and take Humann's place when Humann retires.


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    • If BBT gets bought and the name vanishes, then keep those hats and flags and paper duckies with the name on in mint condition: collectors items long after most folks will have forgotten what those BB&T letters stood for!

    • Thank man, I must have over looked that on their web page. 5,000 is not that bad. I just please with AmSouth. Even tho I'm not a "big player", I still get treated like a king at my local branches where they call me y my first name.

    • I hate to tell you but you are wrong. BB&T access checking has all of your benefits plus they waive the origination fees on car loans. You just need to maintain an aggregate deposit balance of $5,000 in any combination of accounts. If you want more benefits check out their elite products. BB&T is a relationship bank. Bring them your business and there is plenty of free -beez to take advantage of.

    • If that is the case, then why are so many leaving and they are having big trouble finding replacements.

    • has been that they hire bright, low-paid local people and train the heck out of them. The employees are happy because they are making more than they used to and BBT benefits because they haven't paid market rates for already trained people. In the markets BBT operates in, local talent comes cheap. JMHO

    • You know I hate them stories about I had a sister whose mother's uncle's dog once chased a cat whose third owner used to .......Ill try an keep it short. I had a friend who interviewed for network technology over at BBT last year, and he said they looked real sharp, but didnt want to pay nothing. Maybe thats some indication that they keep their tech. costs low, but it could also mean they have a high turn-over and a weak structure to build on. Its a good question,though.
      My 2-cents, what it's worth.

    • King and Williamson have been called many things by many people, but you can not dispute their results. John A makes the deals and they make them work but I worry about the elasticity of their infrastructure. Too big for your systems is too bad for performance and I have not seen much spending in the way of upgrading systems.

    • (note:ASO trading vol HAS been up the last couple of days....)I think you are correct. I also think that if J.A. has any stonewalling in Atlanta, he can follow the old mantra " can't go under it, cant go over it - havta go around it..." I dont see BB&T stopping for anyone anytime soon, and no one seems to have input as to why they sold a $650M Bond. But theres that thoughtful silence......Im sure just as in any deal the timing has to be right - when the fish is biting is the most likely time the fish can be bit, until it swallows it's food - you know?

    • Good to see your comments out here again, Stock. Many make good business sense. I'd share my views about that last, but -well, I think I'll just stand long BBT and see what happens.

    • Mr. Mallinger-
      How often have you been wrong lately? about 60% I'd say. You're obviously academia pre-workforce.(possibly precocia) And if you are not, you sure behave in that manner. You display often extremely bitter polarizations about lattitudes in business, and in doing so show a great deal of what may not be ignorance, but is an obvious lack of negotiative experience - this because of your indefinite arrogance. I applaud you for your banter, however, when you Absolutely occlude the potential of examining someone else's point of view - simply for the potential of learning from it, you have become ignorant to the point of not being able to learn. Do you not care to educate yourself further? there are a lot of people out here who have a lot more experience than I, but I do not simply deny their point of view because I do not believe in it. If it appears to be tainted by emotion , as your posts often seem to be, Im more bound to immideately dismiss their point of view, than to investigate it. This is why you so often appear to be so inflammatory to others.

      I think there is more behind their statements than what you are aware of.
      You presently see your career genre as solid. your position as displayed,though, might not tell the same story within a few weeks.

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