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  • nautibm nautibm Jul 7, 2003 12:36 PM Flag

    News-More money for ISC

    "Whopper, I am confused about this new input of cash into IRSN by the two investors. One million of dollars is a lot of money and as I read this thing, these two guys only make money if the stock goes up. They are taking fantastic risk it seems to me and therefore, must be really convinced that things are going to improve dramatically over time. One does not have a million to invest unless they are fairly sophisticated investors.

    I am not as convinced that these guys are crooks as some of my friends on this board. Never have been, in fact."

    Would someone please explain to GiddyUp that ISC has not disclosed the number of shares purchased at $1.40 when the market price was approx $1.70. Without knowing the number of shares, the value of the warrants can't be estimated, furthermore the total value of this sweet deal will not be known until the warrants are exercise. Where is the "fantastic risk" if you buy four shares for $5.60 and the market price is $1.70? The warrants are potentially gravy piled on top of their instant 15 percent gain. We also don't know if these same entities received any part of the $80,000 commission. Now you know why GiddyUp is still holding his shares, believing in management, and subscribing to the OTC Journal.