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  • Don't you love the same old posts that have been around IRSN since, well at least since the advent of the Yahoo message board. One of the longtime gems is "once it gets to $5.00, the institutions will be able to buy it and will jump on it because they can't buy stocks under $5.00." These new posters quickly forget or never knew, this 11 cent stock has a long way to go to reach $5.00 dollars. Correctly converted, that would mean $100 in 2000 real IRSN dollars. The best fraudulent hype of 1999 and 2000 during the Nasdaq run to 5000 and the Dow 12,000 could only pump this dog to $18.75 and that was only for a second. Why sell at $5.00, by all means hold until $100. What a joke, what a joke!

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    • My condolence to you sir as you bought into the stock early and the pain has a lingeing effect as one would expect. I much prefer to dwell on the future not the past. Having said that the future seems very bright in many areas not the least being the extremely large hord of patents. I have more research to post but it would only meet with ridicule from long time holders who have lost all rationality.