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  • nautibm nautibm Feb 16, 2006 12:43 PM Flag


    Why don't you stop counting cars and knock on the door, tell they you are a longtime ISC stockholder. Tell them you would like to see what you own and what they are producing. While you are taking the tour, try to talk to a tech engineer, if they have one, and ask him what he is doing and how long he has been doing it. Spare us from any "turning the corner" comments by anyone bearing the name Stu, Mel, John, Jimmac, etc. Enough with the traffic reports!

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    • Hey Giddy....
      Weren't you the one that told us all to be quiet so we could here the sound of CSCO coming to take over IRSN a while ago ?

      You still around here hoping this stock goes up ? Didn't you learn when the stock went from $350 down to here that you've lost ?

    • Uh huh. And if Giddy were to post that he had knocked on the door, talked to people, and told this board what he thought they were producing, would you believe him?

      It's more than likely that he has been pulling our legs for years about a lot of things.

      Knobby and Giddy. Sheesh.