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  • knobbykneesus knobbykneesus Feb 15, 2006 9:52 PM Flag



    Cud you lead us in prayers? We need hep!!
    "Failure to achieve and maintain effective internal controls in accordance with Section�404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act could have a material adverse effect on our business and stock price. Our fiscal 2005 audit revealed a material weakness in our internal controls over financial reporting related to the size of our accounting staff.
    We are attempting to cure this material weakness by expanding our staff and reassigning responsibilities, but we have not yet completed our planned remediation. We are in the process of documenting and testing our internal control processes in order to satisfy the requirements of Section�404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which requires annual management assessments and a written report on the effectiveness of our internal controls over financial reporting and a report by our independent auditors addressing the assessments in management�s report.
    During the course of our testing, we may identify other significant deficiencies or material weaknesses, in addition to the one already identified, which we may not be able to remediate in time to meet the deadline imposed by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for compliance with the requirements of Section�404. The integration of Optex�s
    operations is expected to materially complicate the timely achievement of this goal. In addition, if we fail to maintain the adequacy of our internal controls, as such standards are modified, supplemented or amended from time to time, we will not be able to conclude that we have effective internal controls over financial reporting in accordance with Section�404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Failure to achieve and maintain an effective internal control environment could cause investors to lose confidence in our reported financial information, which could result in a decline in the market price of our common stock, and cause us to fail to meet our reporting obligations in the future, which could impact our ability to use Form S-3 for financings."

    Whut next LORD? Whut next?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Giddy,

      Honest to God, I think you are a sweet man. I don't think you mean anyone in this world, any harm. I believe if I met you in person, I would like you. You were raised and educated in the school of hard knocks. You picked cotton, slaughtered hogs, worked your butt off. I have no reason to not believe that and I believe you mean well.

      I wasn't raised in the school of hard knocks. I had it easy, as a child. I had great parents and they gave me all the leash I wanted. Somehow, I wound up with a sense of work ethic and real morals. Not just Sunday morals. Real morals. I knew then and still know how to do the right thing. I care about other people, my fellow man, so to speak (and my fellow woman, when she will let me).

      My father didn't know the value of a dollar. He hired people because he cared about them. He made payroll and looked at a bank account that was empty. He busted his ass and paid taxes and paid for health insurance for people that should have been canned, because he truly cared about them. He had morals.

      It's time for you to stop with the "great success at IRSN" stuff. It really is. As much as I ripped on knobby and treelady and jimmac in the past for investing a boatload in IRSN. It is time to state the truth; This is a crap-shoot. You are gambling with your money. This is penny-stock-buy-it-for-nothing-HOPE-to-make-a-million stuff.

      I've been here forever and I speak the truth. This is not the place for people to invest money that they can not afford to lose. By that I mean, if this were a slot machine . . .

      Anyway, I do know how to do the right thing.


    • "Don't let Rev know I talked to you...he gets fighting mad, ok."

      Awe I see yall still sneakin round behind ole revs back an talkin sweet stuff. I tell ya one dang thang, Ole Giddy wife aint likin it attal an she gonna take him for ever thang he gots, irsn shares an all!!!!!

      You know whut? I gonna get to sparkin with Giddys wife an try an get them irsn shares slap away from ole Giddy when me an his wife gets wed an all. Sume say it aint rite with me marryin up with my sister but "business is business"

      PS--My Sister says he snores an his feet stank awful!!! I dunno

    • Giddy, I deserving! I will be first in line, because I was reared in poverty,too.
      P.S. Don't let Rev know I talked to you...he gets fighting mad, ok.

      Hope this helps


    • Well TreeLady I thought you would be encouraged to know that they are working at Op-Tex and the parking lot is full. I will not bother to post on the situation again. Doyle P S Knob, if we make a great success at IRSN, which is what I believe, a percentage, just a percentage, will go to some very deserving people and I am well acquainted with the agency that knows just who really would take advantage of help and make the most of it. I was raised in poverty in a lower socio-economic value system and with the Lords help and certain people helping at key times I can say I'm no longer poor. Now that makes me so happy that at times, when I think on all the blessings I have received, then indeed I do shed a tear of joy and thanks. Sic'em IRSN

    • "PS--We mite not need 4 moles but I gonna line one up just in case."

      Now I just looked at my post an seen how silly it is. Whut we need to do is to make everbody workin there a mole, mite take a lil work but byGolly we can geter done. I figure we cud change tha name of IRSN headquarters to "THA MOLE HOLE"!!!!!!!!!!!

      PS--A mole mole here an mole mole there
      everwhur a mole mole E- I- E -I- OOOOO

      Hope that heps

    • KnobbyPoo the announcement today about the broadcast coming on the 22nd will settle the late issue. I still cannot believe how you are scared to death that IRSN might actually make a great success. For goodness sake Knob, get in here and load up.
      I drove by Op-Tex yesterday just as workers were getting off work. There is a plant in there big guy and they are producing. This thing is serious and I'm not playing with you Knob. You are going to be sick when you see what happens in the future and when the announcements come you just won't be able to load up at any decent price.
      So Knob, yes I have been wrong about IRSN in the past and may be again but boy I don't think so. I truly have loaded the wagon. Doyle Actually just wish I had the nerve to buy more but if they are the success that I believe they will be then I'll have plenty to do all that I have dreamed for the poor and for my church. I have plenty right now to take care of my family and as you know, I'm retired already.

      • 5 Replies to GiddyUpDoyle
      • Cousin Giddy now we gots to get to tha bottom of this. Anyhow I figure them big shots is gettin strange poontang an alls you got to do is foller em round an take pictures an all. I aint sayin blackmail or nuthin like that, I just sayin show em pictures they dont want nobody to see, then ask a few dozen pointed questions an tha likes. Plus ya mite catch a few of them assembly line workers gettin it on in tha parkin lot, soes just go on an snap a few shots there too. Now ifin that dont work I dunno whut else to do just yet but I thinkin on it. Anyhow whut we need is a mole workin on tha inside but we aint got no mole far as I knows.

        PS--Whut tha heck is them unmarked black helecopters doin patrolin over Miss IRSNS headquarters anyhow? An how bout them snipers on tha roof? Sumpthun is up an its big time I figure.

      • >>I drove by Op-Tex yesterday just as workers were getting off work.<<

        Why didn't you stop and ask a few questions.

        Giddy I would think the last go round with this stock and people pointing out that you hyped it and questioned you motives would lead you to be more cautious about what you say on this board. Obviously not. Nor did you learn any lesson. You are putting blind faith in this stock and feel somehow that God will reward you in your indeaver to do good. You did not take the time to learn about investing wisely I see.

        Felco an aside to you............. Sorry I took up for this fool in the past. He ain't learned a damn thing.

      • " You are going to be sick when you see what happens in the future and when the announcements come you just won't be able to load up at any decent price."

        GolDang you rite on tha money again Cousin Giddy. This lil peach tree only gots so many low hangin peaches an they gonna be gone quick like then ya gonna need a ladder to reach them peaches.

        PS--Your dang posts gives me goose bumps!!!! You one smart rascal cousin Giddy!

      • "I drove by Op-Tex yesterday just as workers were getting off work. There is a plant in there big guy and they are producing."

        GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY, PLEASE SWEET JESUS, WHEEEEEEE DOGGGGGGGGIE!!!!!! This lil gravy train is leavin tha station an its wheels is spinnin. Choooo Chooooo ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!

        PS--SICEM MISS IRSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!