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ISC8 Inc. Message Board

  • sigma_x000 sigma_x000 Mar 10, 2010 2:43 PM Flag

    Stupidest F_cking Board/Stock in the World...

    The pumpers for this hot, steaming POS are all over the boards of every stock on Yahoo - shamelessly, relentlessly pumping this to death.

    I wouldn't buy my DOG this garbage.

    But, what I DO find interesting, is that the bashers are JUST as hard at work, if not more, than the pumpers.

    Weird. Must be some hedge fund with a big short interest, and they're paying the bashers to work overtime.

    I think the pumpers aren't paid - I think they're probably just a bunch of morons who think they're gonna somehow hit the lottery with this nightmare, fake-ass company. They found themselves a penny stock that they think is gonna turn into the next FLIR or something.

    Delusional idiots who deserve to lose all their money, they way they go around pumping it on other boards.

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