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  • xjdigger xjdigger Feb 2, 2000 2:09 PM Flag

    Wall Street ConMen

    It is common to see ignorant posters shaking up
    these boards. Seems like most every board has one or
    more now and again. Sometimes the posters have
    multiple profiles talking to each other(Themsleves). Some
    of these seem to be professional manipulators,
    Acting ignorant. Stirring up the confidence, shaking out
    the weak knees. Some of these are just children with
    nothing better to do.

    Wall street is full of
    manipulators, Shorting stocks and shaking up the confidence.
    They pick all the negatives or positives and amplify
    themand they also make up the biggest part of the story.
    Wall street manipulators can send their troops into
    the bulletin boards, even pay them a fee for their
    posts, and commissions to the amount of interactions
    they can make with other posters. It is said that each
    time you respond to these posts they get a commission.
    Many times where I see the ignorant posters, I most
    usually see funny looking trades on the market that
    stands to no good reason in why people move 10,000
    shares at a time. The Wallstreet manipulators will be
    buying and selling shares trying to push the price up or
    down. Sometimes they are buying and selling to each
    other, to manipulate the price movement This enhances
    the price swings in which they profit from the cycles
    either buying or shorting.Prices can run up with
    manipulators chasing the asking price and buying even above.
    This runs the price up so they will sell at the top
    and throw in some short sales. Than they will sell
    many small shares into the bids and people think that
    the price is falling, and through the herd mentality
    people rush to sell, second guessing why they bought in
    the first place.

    The yahoo board is a great
    place to manipulate, because it is ventured by so many,
    with a high percentage of unskilled traders, who can
    be shaken up. Wall street is full of con men trying
    to steal your wallets so beware of the

    The best line of defense is to ignore the
    ignorant posters. Yahoo should have an ignore button. If
    enough people request this Yahoo may be able to do it.
    Also ignoring the professional ignorant poster reduces
    their commission. Also when you respond to the
    manipulators this shakes up the non posters confidence. Ignor
    the ignorant posters, and if you have a need to
    protect your interests, post the good facts, and don't
    argue with the ignorant.

    This is my own
    observation along with information that I have picked from
    others in the know. I watch stock movement every day and
    can see a lot of manipulations.

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