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  • irsnvestor irsnvestor Feb 10, 2000 8:55 AM Flag

    Thoughts and observations

    1. Hope Avgod is okay. He enticed me to really
    look hard at IRSN and its technology after I learned
    of the company. I owe him a commission when I

    2. Who is Bostin Chickin and what the heck does she
    know. Mr. Dover seems to know this stocks every

    3. I think we have multiple parties rushing in to
    beat the institutions that have been acutely aware of
    IRSN for some time but couldn't buy below 5.

    Your welcome to all that thanked me.

    5. Eric
    bashing is a buy signal.

    6. I hope Buffalo didn't
    throw the kiss of death on this stock this

    7. I wonder how many of the newbies will be shaken
    out in the upcoming weeks. If one asks, what did I
    just buy, they are likely shakeout weenies.

    My stock "guesses" are based upon what I see going
    on with the ticker. I like to call it real time TA
    without a chart. So far it has been pretty effective. I
    do not know of one specific item which is pushing
    the volume and share price up. I have done a ton of
    DD and herein lies the reason why I have bought and
    held. No prediction this morning, I do not like to make
    day to day predictions, I do better with the week to
    week variety.

    9. Stay long, you will be
    rewarded. If this was an internet IPO, the market cap would
    now be about 10 billion. Even at 200 million, the
    market cap is way below other tech companies with a
    fraction of IRSN's potential.

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