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  • irsnrealdeal irsnrealdeal Jun 27, 2000 4:05 PM Flag

    Super Switch (again! :-))

    This is really something. I was just informed
    that the Super Switch is - according to Dr. Ozguz -
    being designed as a router WITH SWITCHING FUNCTIONS. It
    will be a hybrid of the two devices, both router and
    switch. It is anticipated that this could potentially
    replace just about everything but the core switch on a
    given network.

    I still need to think about this
    some more, but what can I say - I am very impressed.

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    • That size is what I understood as well. This is
      not toy stuff however and the costs of the 3-4 racks
      that this unit would replace was in the many millions
      $. These superconducting chips are not "high
      temperature" either and require real low temperatures--like
      4K, another reason for the small size.

    • I think that's what John Carson said a few years
      ago - probably about like that. So now the question:
      is he a genious scientist (does all this stuff
      work), or a madman genious able to pull the wool over
      everyone's eyes for 20 years without commercializing? Dr.
      Phibes (the incredible) comes to mind, but I don't want
      to go there. Can anybody tell me who played Dr.
      Phibes, and the name of his lovely assistant?

    • thinking that something that small would burn out
      real quick with all that traffic and data going
      through it. Sure would be nice to get those cables down
      in size a little and somehow eliminate the cooling
      would it not? Maybe I can put something together
      tonight in the basement. Where's my tool kit?

    • I understood that the actual switch would be the
      size of a cd player (ie. 2 or 3 rack-mount units
      high), but that it would still have big cables and stuff
      bringing the info in and out, and possibly external
      cooling for the superconducting chips.

      Bigger than
      a CD player, all told, but still about 1/10 to 1/30
      the size of current (much slower) equipment.

    • To best of my recollection on that technological
      overload afternoon it was for comparison purposes. Perhaps
      edddie, syzy, or someone who took notes can clarify the
      exact wording used?


    • another thought, believe it or not! I'm sure
      others have already thought of it but since I don't see
      it posted yet I shall endeaver to make my point. If
      I were someone who needed a really fast switch AND
      a router, I would much prefer to buy it all in one
      nice little package, for a reasonable sum of course.
      Easy to replace if need be and less time consuming I
      would think. If it were that fast and proven to work
      I'd go for it in a minute! Am I off base here or way
      behind your thinking?

    • something like that be? Any idea? I would imagine size would be relevant to the assigned task but in this case I would think quite large. Out of my field but curious. felco