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  • jonho1998 jonho1998 Jan 14, 2003 12:36 PM Flag

    What's the reason for the rise?

    I've been getting into stocks that have been beaten down but still have good prospects for the future. I stumbled upon this one in an article that I read a month or so ago. That was when the stock was $1.46. I just bought today at $2.07. Watched it go from $1.99 to $2.09 in a short amount of time.

    There's obviously some accumulation going on but why? Short covering? I doubt short covering is coming into play just yet.

    I have been lucky with Qwest(Q), Primus Telecom(PRTL), and Elan (ELN). All traded in the $1s and now all have gone up at least 100%.

    I'm curious to hear some of your opinions although it won't sway me one way or the other. Stop loss at $2 and I'll sell if it hits $2.25 or higher.


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    • Wow! That was a right on the mark comment! Huh?

      Doesn't anyone know how to read?

    • If opinions can't possibly sway you, why bother viewing them? It seems like a waste of time to me. Possibly you have self-esteem issues and you wrote a message hoping for the approval of others. Hold on to your GENE shares and make some real money with the approval of Ramoplanin. If day traders only knew how silly they look to the highly intelligent.

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      • Well, what I meant to say was that opinions won't sway my target prices; but they could potentially have me buying more.

        And also, I meant opinions as in: "Just buy GENE, it's going to go up". Too much cheerleading on boards these days. I was just fishing for any intelligent insight some of you might have; I guess I'm lazy and don't want to do the homework myself.

        Sorry if I offended you.

        The article was in CBS marketwatch I believe. They were interviewing a fund manager and they listed GENE as a speculative buy.

        As far as self-esteem issues go, the only thing I'm self-conscious about is the size of my corpos cavernosa. But I'm taking herbal supplements to increase them.

    • What kind of article did you read?