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  • eddydostal eddydostal Jan 16, 2003 12:07 PM Flag

    short squeeze

    I'm sensing one last market pullback before buyers really believe this market has bottomed. We're close though. Short term i'd take my 2 bones a share, Hold out till the dust settles, and take a long position at a discount price.

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    • No short squeeze on this stock - not enough volume.... This bear will continue to grow hair until something happens with the Bush Budget package ... and then may continue through year end or even longer. Nobody has figured out this bear, and I do mean nobody - all of the analysts have been wrong but one, and he ain't opening his mouth in public....!!

      This rise for GENE was overdue ... and if it holds through tomorrow above the $2.00 level, it will slowly climb to $5.00 or more - but don't get antsy and sell too soon.......................................

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      • in late 1999 i finalized my understanding of how dramatically the markets would fall and for how those slides would continue. until now i have been exactly right, even with the terrorist attack mixed in. i had predicted terrorists attacks in NYC within 8 years in '00, but didn't factor them into my market forecast. all it did was cause a selloff to be more rapid and proceeding rally to be more extended than they normally would have been. in attempts not come across insane to the average man, i informed people the nasdaq would be below 2000 very soon as it approached 5000. this did not work. i only imagine if i had disclosed to them the full magnitude of what was to come at that time. there has been nothing unusual about this selloff. i mapped the nasdaq crash to come against the dow crash from '29 to '32. there are great similarities between the two. in discussing the future, it often frustrates me when people say, "nobody knows", because typically i do. that is why i posted this. on GENE, you who think you have come across a value are very correct. the only short-term problem for longs is that like many stocks were over-valued a few years ago and only became more over-valued for a decent period of time, GENE is under-valued and will become more under-valued before the markets "bottom" and snap back to very fair values. it will be frustrating for you holding a stock that is under-valued and continuing to watch it being sold; as i'm sure it has been thus far. if stocks were perfectly valued at all times a severe advantage would be taken away from the highly intelligent.