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  • bobbifleiss bobbifleiss Dec 7, 2012 10:36 AM Flag

    "Two OTC Stocks That Could Return Huge Gains" from MARKET PLAYGROUND

    Article on MARKET PLAYGROUND showcases OncoSec:

    OncoSec Medical Incorporated (PINK:ONCS) Making Cancer Therapeutics More Effective

    Novel cancer vaccines remain one of the most profitable and most important industries within biotechnology. It is a space we have not yet mastered, as cancer remains a disease in which there are no cures. However, we are making progress, and the FDA has shown in recent years that it is more accepting of innovating and more effective therapeutics that target cancer in a direct manner.

    So where does OncoSec Medical come into the equation in regards innovating cancer therapeutics? The company is developing a system, both a chemotherapy and an immunotherapy based platform that uses electrical currents to decrease the side effects associated with a drug while increasing its uptake. It has been reported that the uptake of an agent can be 4000 fold with the company’s platform, therefore requiring less of the agent, which causes fewer side effects.

    The key behind the company’s platform is the presence of electrical currents. These currents create a temporary pore, which then allows the agent to be sent directly to the tumor. In other words it allows the agent to be transported more effectively. Like I said, the FDA has been accepting to therapeutics/technology that allow for a targeted approach and minimal side effects, which should benefit OncoSec.

    Once again, the question might be, “what separates this technology from other promising OTC companies?” We all know that OTC companies have a tendency to make their products sound promising, and rarely disclose any risks. But, the reason that OncoSec is different is because of both its clinical studies and the fact that it can be used with any chemotherapy or immunotherapy agent to decrease side effects and increase uptake, thus providing the company with a golden opportunity.

    In a trial that was reported last month, the company showed that 95% of all patients treated with bleomycin demonstrated a response to the therapy. This means that 95% of patients saw an increase in uptake and decreased side effects when treated with the chosen agent, bleomycin. This is an approved agent that has been used for many years, and was chosen because of its availability and its acceptance among physicians. However, as the company progresses it will begin to use other therapies; more effective forms of treatment that will ultimately create better results.

    All cancer treatments use a select delivery method to treat cancer. In recent years companies have developed therapeutics to target specific cells or tumors. OncoSec’s system is based around this notion, basically giving these therapeutics a boost. And what’s even more encouraging is that OncoSec’s platform does not take from the effects of immunotherapy or chemotherapy agents, it simply improves them. With such benefits, and minimal safety risks, this platform should be widely accepted within the healthcare community.

    Thanks to data from two trials, OncoSec has rallied 60% in the last six months, yet trades with a market cap of just $25 million. The potential revenue for this platform is limitless, because it can be used with any agent and will most likely be used on other cancers besides just metastatic melanoma, or Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC). When you incorporate the potential combinations of agents that can be used with the product, future studies on various cancers, and a platform that has no reason to fail, this is a stock with incredible upside over the next few years.

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