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  • rehdvm2004 rehdvm2004 Apr 27, 2013 7:44 PM Flag

    Here is why I bought in - an actual clinical case

    At the end of March, my wife and I were in Florida picking out building materials for our home in JB. She also had an appointment for a facial with a cosmetologist friend of hers Angie. I told my wife that a "knot over my left eyebrow" got very angry and was painful. I asked if her friend would look at it. Angie put on an magnifying loop, took one look and gave me the card of a local dermatologist. She said, "It looks inflammed." I drove directly to the dermatologist and took a cancellation at three o'clock. I waited until 4:30 PM to actually be seen by the doctor. He did a full exam, but said I needed to have one site on my back and the one over my eyebrow needle biopsied. I already knew the one over my eye was "angry" but I could not see my back. Both were done. The one over my eye had a white core and the biopsy did not cause any "decompression" (that means the core had outgrown its blood supply and was necrotic, dead). Two days later I was back in the NE and the biopsy results came in - back benign, eyebrow squamous cell. The important part is that within 4 days of the biopsy, the cancer over the eye had doubled in size. In Boston, my primary immediately referred me to a cosmetic surgeon. He did the exam and said, "What are you doing at 12 PM?" I said, "I am getting horizontal under your scalpel." He took it off cleanly by frozen section and I had a slight scar about 1.5 inches over my eyebrow. One week later, when the sutures were being removed by the partner, Dr. H said, " there were deep columns of growth down to the bone. She also said the excision biopsy showed "undifferentiated cells in the middle of the neoplasm." That meand the cancer was growing so fast that cells did not appear to be cells. So I was in the stew and I had a second surgery. Lesion and lymph node are now clean. But I which ONCS was available at the time the lesion was 7 mm X 3 mm. Rather than 15 X 8 X 5 when it was removed the first time.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • bourbon_on_my_cornflakes bourbon_on_my_cornflakes Apr 30, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

      geez, what a scary story. best wishes for a full recovery

    • how does all this have anything to do with ONCS?

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      • yes, how does this have anything to do with O.N.C.S.???? wish you well on your healing!!! BUT WHY TELL US???

      • Twenty-two years of being the collaborating veterinarian at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the statement below from OncoSec technical information on NeoPulse suggest two scientific, clinically applicable dots that can be justaposed:
        "Extensive pre-clinical and clinical data from Phase 1 through 4 clinical trials demonstrate NeoPulse is safe and highly effective in eradicating solid tumors, including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and liver and pancreatic cancers, with observable cancer cell destruction, better quality of life benefits, and swift healing of the wound site."
        Also, just because OncoSecis focusing on malignant melanoma (the worst among the three skin cancers) with Phase II ImmunoPulse, also does not mean the technology is not applicable to other two cutaneous cancers. Two things are probably true about this medical approach:
        1. The technology will improve with practice in animal models and with refinements in the electroporation technology in the future.
        2. They are probably going to identify other forms of concurrent therapy that are additive to the IL-12, immune activation approach. What type of potentially metastatic cancer (skin or other organ) is not treated by multiple modality therapy if it is not cured by surgery or radiation? I do not know very many one drug treatments for a particular type of metastatic cancer.
        I do know there are several other upregulating immunotherapy companies that are focusing on malignant melanoma and other potential metastatic cancers. If you can turn the immune system against cancer by unmasking the cancer cell epitopes, that is the safest and best treatment.
        So I bought into this company, not for tomorrow, but for 5 years from now. That simple. They may succeed or they may fail. But if they follow good guidance from a strong BOD and their medico-scientific team, their chances of success is good.
        If they get melanoma it is merely label copy extension to go after squamous. EOS

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • what I meant to ask was, besides the problem being there, there's no direct connection showing anything from ONCS is being applied and have worked, the possibility of connection is there but not a clear bridge, we'd like to see an actual patient of ONCS post up the experience, not from a random joe with skin cancer.

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