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  • taghova taghova Jun 6, 2013 8:43 AM Flag

    Seeking educated opinions only, please...

    I already have a relatively large sum of ONCS shares, which I've been accumulating over the last 12 months. I've been following ONCS for quite some time now, and been through all the highs and lows. Sometimes I think I perfectly understand the stock's behavior, and then there are days when I feel it's completely unpredictable.

    I'm thinking about adding to my position again, but the pps has been crazy lately, to say the least. I'm looking for opinions from people on this board who know this stock well, follow the stock regularly, and pay attention to all the factors that influence the pps...

    Should I add to my position now, since we're still below .30, or, do you see another dip coming in before our next rally, possibly into the mid .20's?

    Any feedback provided will not only help me, but should also help others who are looking to increase their position, as well as anyone who has been considering ONCS. Thanks to all!

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    • Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. Very helpful stuff!

    • You should have listened to me. I have played this stock a few times now and will wait for it to drop back down to 20 cents again. Don't listen to any of these long tewrm investing pumpers. You do not make a dime until you sell for a profit. This stock has at least 12 months and probably more like 18 months before any real news sends the price higher to stay. I am not saying the price will not go up, I am saying this stock can be played for profit for another 18 months and probably traded 3-4 times in that time frame. Just look at what the price has done in the last 6-12 months. It has gone from 18 cents up to 45 cents, down to 19 cents and back up to 32 cents. That is where the money can be made. Holding it does nothing for your pocketbook.

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      • I totally get your point ontop. The trading potential of this stock is very tempting. However, if one was to go that route, wouldn't it be wise to at least wait until the expected "pop" that should be coming right before July's data release? I can't imagine the stock not getting to at least the mid .$.30's again within the next month, right?

        In the past we've seen huge rally's right before the data release, followed by huge sell-off's right afterwards. If history repeats itself, a trader would hold until early July, then sell a day or two before, then buy back again a week later. Your thoughts on that?

    • sxsess Jun 6, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

      taghova I just added more. bob_flemings is correct and I agree with his opinion. I also have a large position. Bottom line this is going higher.

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    • As "bullchinashop426" says, you must be willing to watch this drop and bare the inherit volatility. The company is quite sound. The technology allows for utilization of already established agents and treatments... there is nothing that needs to be approved as it simply more efficiently delivers already approved drugs! ONCS is a smart investment in my opinion. No doubt in my mind you will be rewarded.

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    • Stop!! Hold the phone!! A new, horse in in the race!! With a betterblood line for "killing cancerous tumors!!!"
      i will not throw my money away on o.n.c.s. Until this new horse is ridden!!
      the new horse , according to what i have been told, has a better procedure that works faster, at less cost to patient !individual immune system of each patient is used to "attack and destroy" the cancerous tumor!! "
      i cannot tell you more than i know but!! I suggest looking into this before going on!! could be the reason why o.n.c.s. Has stumbled so in recent days!!

      Sentiment: Hold

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