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  • bugman29102 bugman29102 Aug 26, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    what is wrong with AMERICA??????

    To find the answer to all of america's problems and many of the worlds problems and pain, just look at president obama , hi stupidity, his hate for america and our constitution!!!
    never in the history of our beloved has we had a "enemy" of our constituton, our freedoms, and our heritage sitting in our white house, and directing the destruction of america!!! I seriously doubt if we can "save " america from this foreign enemy!!
    how obama was able to place his "evilness" in our white house was surely the satanic effort by obama, his corrupt national newsmedia, and our democrat political party, taken over by obama thugs, ,using our own federal treasury t buy the support of the "ignorant", the "lazy", "the haters of america",using our federal monies to buy "food stamps" , allow theft of tax dollars, then give these funds to democrats ,and other enemies of america , to destroy our nation as we have seen since 2009!!!
    year 2009, the year satan took control over our federal government and begin to destroy america piece by piece !!! Obama directing this destruction!!
    obama is no friend to america's past or to america,s future!!!
    if you have not noticed hos seriously america has failed under obama, you arenot paying attention!!! america is dying, while obama is lying !!!!! my god!!!!!! America , where is your brain???? is it deadend by the "glue" in the obama food stamps" , when america dies, so does all of us!!!! Think!!!!!

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    • Amen on that Bugman.... You are one of many that feel this way, but unfortunately we have a mass of ignorant fools that don't realize what is happening here. These people are just interested in what will benefit them in "the now".... ie - entitlements. You are correct when you refer to this "chump" Obama as evil. He is a wolf in a wolves clothing to you and I, but to the freeloaders and free enterprise haters he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, for they are to stupid to realize what is happening, or as you said, are haters of America, and want this country to fail. Obama, if you or one of your thugs read this, know one thing, YOU SICKEN ME AND I CAN'T STAND TO EVEN LOOK AT YOU. YOU ARE A POS TO ME AND YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED IN THE FALL OF AMERICA.

    • what a great post!!!! yes, we need more like you, tell it like it is

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