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  • triatleta1 triatleta1 Sep 10, 2013 5:52 AM Flag

    INO partnership with ROCHE

    Amazing... I have been long for INO for 2 years and now this :)

    Coming to ONCS...this basically opens the door for someone looking into a more specific electroporation immunology stuff....for ONCS, correct?

    Huge deal... and I believe this could very well set the bar for a partnership of ONCS!

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    • comments and thoughts everyone?

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      • THERE must be something wrong with ONCS!! I do not know what it is but for some reason or reasons the 'BIG MONEY FOLKS' WANT nothing to do with ONCS as a partner!!
        I look for ONCS to DIE ON THE VINE due to LACK of MONEY!!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • Chairman of one is the Chairman of the other. The technologies are almost mirror like. This should bode well for ONCS as a quasi validation of the technology. We'll see if there's any draft sucking along for ONCS.

    • yes, huge surprised on ino. i am disappoint i sold at 2.25. only 1600 shares but still, i took a huge loss on gtxi and really didnt have faith in ino. i guess im just too aware and neutrotic. i saw ino leadership as incredibly shady and dishonest, especially allowing the merk rumor to blow up unchallenged when everyone at ino knew it was fake. and that shot the stock up 150% overnight basically, and people bought on that. and now they release this and no one really anticipated it - the longs of course will say they did but most of them r just religious in their belief in ino and haven't learned anything. just lucky.

      i like where oncs is priced at. i really do. and im considering opening a position soon, but the longer we dont have news the more likely oncs will fall, and that should create an excellence buying opportunity. when is oncs scheduled to have their next conference? when will the release data on their current trials - any data? they have enough money until the middle of next year, so dilution shouldnt be an issue until then. but oncs will need some financing or a partnership to sustain itself, assuming news is good.

      ino took awhile to get where it is today and jerked its shareholders around quite a bit. lets hope nocs doesnt do the samething right now im long zlcs hoping to ride out the news. could do very well in october.

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      • WE are looking at a valuation on ONCS of 41 million. INO has just had a validation of Electroporation technology which is the same as ONCS. The value may well be in ONCS because they are dealing with Melanoma cancer of several types. This is deadly, insidious and many times, diagnosed too late to do anything but patient maintenance. As far as the management of INO not handling the Merck rumors very well, it sure didn't stop Roche from cutting this deal today did it? If I were you, considering that you sold INO before today's news, I would think before you make any more knee jerk moves. Babbling about how you got caught up in a rumor when now INO is moving ahead at lightning speed doesn't appear to serve your best interest.

    • Agree....This is a validation of the ONCS should benefit also by this news.

    • Congratulations Triat! Way to hang in there! Should get a nice pop from this partnering with the top bio pharma in the world...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • very very very surprised about today,,,,,i truly dont understand...but oh well, i take the hit,.............surprising low!!!!!!!!!!

    • We can hope. It sure should have taken the edge off today's trading, but it took the hit. Not a large one considering the volume. It may get hit tomorrow because every penny is quite a savings for someone wanting to buy cheap shares. It's tough to convey the fact that all stocks that go on a meteoric rise will always face a cleansing similar to what we witnessed today. For all I know, this may have been it? The handwriting's on the wall for at least a modicum of respectability for ONCS because of electroporation, so I think it is just a matter of a short while before this does start to move north.
      Someone will try to shake the trees if possible to get cheap shares, but since you can't legally short the stock, there will hopefully only be minor stock depreciation.
      Like I said, this might have been the cleansing..

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